Beijing – VIDEO – Yan Su’s song heart for the first time in Shanxi’s young singers sing cited

Beijing – VIDEO – Yan Su’s song "heart" for the first time in Shanxi’s young singers sing attention [comment] in September 16th at the Taiyuan International Marathon for the first time, the 21 year old youth ambassador Wang Muxi to sing China famous songwriter Yan Su to wrap up the "heart" in tribute to the Ci Dean of the Fenhe River. The song "heart" by the famous composer Peng to compose, is the 86 year old Yan Su era hymn to the party. Wang Muxi, who was born in 1995 as the singer of the song, also came from an accident. At that time, Central Conservatory of Music is studying professional vocal music and opera Wang Muxi by a friend, sing the song, and won the Yan Su and Peng to teacher’s approval. [Wang Muxi] over the same period because when I went to Yan teacher report this works, he is already severe coma. At that time, he was unable to speak. But I gave him at the end of the song, his eyes open. Including tears and twitching on my legs. I think these signs indicate a desire for this work and the feeling of the kind of mood in my work. [comment] was born in Shanxi Lvliang Wang Muxi loves music, vocal and Opera Department of the Central Conservatory of Music in 2013 admitted to the University of the Arts, had boarded the Tokyo concert hall, Beijing concert hall, National Convention Center and other domestic first-class solo stage. As a singer, she thinks he has the responsibility to the old artists creation theme song heritage. [Wang Muxi] over the same period if you want to reach this point like Yan teacher artist. I really have to work hard for a long time, my age is relatively young. There must be an increase in experience. Then the music professional technology, including the emotional enrichment of their own. And I think it needs to be improved in other artistic ways. Reporter Wang Huilin Shanxi, Taiyuan reports相关的主题文章: