Beijing, Zhejiang and Zhejiang will set up a pilot Supervision Committee – Sohu

Beijing Jin Zhejiang will set up pilot Commission – Sohu news in the background of comprehensive strictly, Beijing City, Shanxi Province, Zhejiang Province, has been listed as the national supervision system reform pilot area, the 3 provinces will establish a supervisory committee at all levels, the Commission by the province (city) people’s Congress, as the authority to exercise the state supervisory functions. Yesterday, the central office issued "on the national supervision system reform pilot program in Beijing City, Shanxi Province, Zhejiang province" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), to determine the supervision system reform. We proposed the reform of supervision system of three provinces, "from the institutional mechanism and system construction pilot, exploration and practice, to accumulate experience in the country." Program clear, Party committee, discipline inspection and supervision committee office. The establishment of the central supervision system deepen reform pilot work leading group, guidance, coordination and service of pilot work; Party organizations in the pilot areas of the pilot work responsibilities, to set up the supervision system to deepen reform pilot work group, by the province (city) committee secretary as a leader. "Program" stressed that the state supervision system reform is a major political reform of the overall situation, is the top-level design of the state supervision system. The goal of deepening the reform of the state supervision system is to establish a national anti-corruption agency under the unified leadership of the party. The implementation of the organization and system innovation, the integration of anti-corruption resources, expand the scope of inspection, enrich the means of supervision to achieve full coverage of public officials and supervision of the exercise of public power, establish a centralized and unified, authoritative and efficient supervision system, to fulfill the duties of anti-corruption. The focus of "people’s Congress" to strengthen the supervision function of the independence of the program clearly set the Commission, the Commission by the province (city) people’s Congress, Chinese Institute of supervision, former vice president Li Yongzhong told the Beijing News said in an interview, which is conducive to the independence of strengthening the supervision function, solve the "government oversight" and "far superior supervision at the same level, surveillance, subordinate supervision difficult" problem. Shortly before the broadcast of the documentary "corruption is always on the road", in the original oil executive Wang Daofu "exit" readme, "I was able to have today, has been able to come to this place, which is also a victim of fraud. The so-called fraud, that is I involved in this matter. The so-called victims, because Jiang Jiemin, general manager of the arrangement of this matter, his ideas and requirements and when the system is in conflict, how to prevent and supervise the leadership, has become a very important issue". Li Yongzhong said that Wang Daofu’s readme and eighteen since the anti-corruption case shows, supervision of the key minority is the supervision of "top leaders" problem, the so-called "to form a community of interests between the individual level". How to get rid of the problem? Strengthening the independence of the supervisory function is one of the keys. He believes that since the establishment of China’s supervisory organs in the government sequence has been the government’s functional departments. In accordance with the provisions of the "administrative supervision law", local governments at or above the county supervision organs shall be responsible for the supervision work in their administrative regions, responsible and report on their work to the level of government and the supervisory organ at a higher level, Jian Shu相关的主题文章: