Ben Zheng Shuang was the two woman to ring like bestie powder, Mao Xiaotong into a new expression pa-y580

Ben Zheng Shuang was the two woman to ring like bestie powder, Mao Xiaotong into a new expression package! Beebo recently and like you are chasing the TV drama "smiled very little", as the last day of summer is fancy licking the screen idol, "smiled" the value of Yan Biao God, the CP with bleeding! But in the boundless expanse of flowers, discerning Beebo except cool girl also took a fancy to a new expression package — Mao Xiaotong! As the Beaming with Joy pig teammate, gay adorable girl, the greedy and anthomaniac "violence female nerve". She has been living Beebo ring powder ah! To give you a photo, a living expression on campus smoothly rampage bags – Mao Xiaotong lore sell adorable first type: honey shake! The second type: Mao Xiaotong lore sell adorable face holding anthomaniac! The third type: Mao Xiaotong lore sell adorable high ruffled feathers! The fourth type: Mao Xiaotong lore sell adorable bereavement in two! "In this role play Mao Xiaotong starred in the two Xi" is the heroine shell tiny (Zheng Shuang ornaments) "best bestie", it is a magical girl played with the full strength of BGM ""! The idol will be set up such a role in women around: responsible for the timely dumb (for women against IQ), occasionally sell adorable (for high contrast cold NvZhu), when the key is to create opportunities or create obstacles for male and female (basic work to Cui Yingying’s side matchmaker). In the domestic drama almost belong to "type" role, it is difficult to perform the style performance level, but this time Mao Xiaotong had used a special two special show particularly lovely fresh and refined, fully proved the Zhao two joy, and those who can only serve as a light bulb in the idol drama female female three sexy bitch, is not the same! Not the same in where? First of all, Mao Xiaotong really like a female college student, Beebo look at her Baidu encyclopedia, Mao Xiaotong was born in 1988 this year, so it is 28 years old, a sophomore girl is definitely not what character appeared, but the real acting online! So you see, in addition to her face full of collagen, really there are girls in school that gave students fluffy gas. So even spoiled sell adorable, even IQ arrears, are not objectionable. Moreover, Mao Xiaotong’s performance is very aura, apparently in the cool girl from the "Yi" to "small artistes" role, is basically successful, but also occasionally jerky moments, there are awkward scene. But this time Mao Xiaotong is very familiar with, because there are few such real and lovely girl mainland TV screen, so this role is particularly good response. Whether it is upset secretly to cook instant noodles but suffered when switching off, whether it is to see the God of basketball will repeat excited, let her and any campus of the kind of "two:" there is not a fraction of difference. Mao Xiaotong in particular have special cute little action small expression, therefore appears especially the "pure natural", and the outside is not the same as short – Sexy Bitch appearance fashion is really good, in the Mao Xiaotong of the ancient style of the same deserves praise, because in the very!相关的主题文章: