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Womens-Issues Did you know that natural solutions exist to yeast infections? As well we will provide some suggestions to end yeast infections for good so you never have to suffer from them again. You can use herbs, including black walnut, chamomile, Pau-d’ Arco, goldenseal and licorice, as a good home remedy for yeast infection either eaten or applying directly to the area as a paste or tincture. Cut refined sugar out of your diet at the first sign of a yeast infection. Although studies are inconclusive about high sugar diets bringing on a yeast infection, it is known that consuming a lot of sugar may prolong the duration or severity of a yeast infection. The ultimate health capsule!Garlic has wonderful anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties.Eat a few cloves of garlic.If you are unable to eat raw garlic,you can purchase garlic capsules from a store. This is also amongst the .monly used home remedies for yeast infection cure. Yogurt contains a high amount of good bacteria, which makes it a perfect choice for such cures. You can simply apply this on the infected area several times a day and get fast relief from this problem. For treating yeast infection during pregnancy eating yogurt is very helpful for your body to fight off this infection. A diet including a variety of vegetables, protein, a small amount of fat, and lots of water should be maintained until treatment is .plete. Artificial food colorings and dyes, sugars, and especially yeast (beer/alcohol, breads, cheese, etc) should be avoided because they promote yeast/fungal growth. Yogurt possesses probiotics which are friendly bacteria that occur naturally in our bodies and help us to digest our food and keeps .anisms like the ones that cause yeast infections under control. It also provides your body a powerful punch of nutrients and you can eat it by itself or with other food. Yogurt could even be applied topically to soothe the affected area. A few extra tips that can help you; keep your skin clean and dry at all times and wear breathable, loose clothing and avoid foods and drinks that contain high amounts of yeast like beer, bread and sweets. Also, you’re more likely to suffer from and have trouble curing this disease if your immune system isn’t as strong as it should be so it’s important to eat properly, stay active and try to get enough rest. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: