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"Blind date" open mode Cheng Peipei full play end fixing people reluctant – Sohu Jiang Xin entertainment pout Pro Cheng Peipei Sohu entertainment starring Jiang Xin, Lu Yi and 3S lady filming a single inspirational comedy "blind date" after nearly two months, the whole play is near the end, the major actors in the hot summer have enter the fixing period. Recently, a group of crew exposure Cheng Peipei play bone fixing stills, Jiang Xin sometimes pursed her lips to kiss Cheng Peipei, sometimes holding flowers and Cheng Peipei photo, two intimate drama are like the one family. Subsequently, Jiang Xin also expressed her love for Cheng Peipei and dismay at micro-blog: "Mom finished! She has been studying her professionalism! My wife is too far away from her! Good love her! A smile can disperse the haze of her!" In addition, the creative staff in order to express to Cheng Peipei’s dismay, but also in the shooting scene together and celebrate Cheng Peipei fixation show photo. Unlike previous starred in "Xianv" image, "Chinese lady" Cheng Peipei in the "blind a severe" spicy "mother-in-law" plays about, not only with the award for best actress Tanny Tien Niu’s wife launched a "war law", but also with Jiang Xin for the two time cooperation. Jiang Xin and Cheng Peipei had a daughter’s experience, since then Jiang Xin also affectionately called Pepe teacher "Mummy", but this time in the TV series "two" blind date has become the relationship between grandmother and granddaughter, although the story is different, the role is different, but with the increasing cooperation, two the feelings of people is also more and more deep, seems to have become a real mother and daughter".相关的主题文章: