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"Blood" machine ban Oscar farewell party Jackie Chan moved to Speechless – Sohu "entertainment machine blood" farewell party crew photo Jackie Chan View Video [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news "I have moved to Speechless…" Jackie Chan conceal his inner emotion. This scene appeared in the evening of 4, the "blood" of the machine set, produced a film specially for Jackie Chan Oscar held a farewell party ". Today, the active video exposure. In the video, Jackie Chan in the knowledge of the case were brought to the party scene, in his fifty years of work have seen walls and video, Jackie Chan said: "almost moved to tears… I think I am not easy, it is a wonderful work…". Jackie Chan Show Luo and Ouyang Nana claiming to be wonderful to rub Oscar on the evening of 4, Jackie Chan as usual according to the schedule of "blood" the machine scenes of the shooting, after completion, director Zhang Lijia has told Jackie Chan to add a scene. At this time, next to the site, one pictures the staff had been secretly set up "Oscar farewell party" stage. Jackie Chan without being aware of it, to be brought to the venue. The moment the curtain opened, a beam of light suddenly hit the wall, lit up the movie poster wall. This wall posters, taken from Jackie Chan at the age of 12, "drunkard", to his later more than by the market and the awards recognize the works of the "new police story", "A", "twelve year plan", the last light stopped at the "2016 Oscar Award for lifetime achievement. Jackie Chan from the beginning of the gentle relief, at a loss, he said: "thank you". At the same time, the curtain began to play a review of Jackie Chan fifty years working experience in video. When the last frame "for half a century, thank you" the picture, the scene suddenly burst into warm applause and cheers, dozens of creative crew from wall poster, a tribute to Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan was infected with the atmosphere, the mood is a little excited, said: I have been moved speechless, just came in after the brain a blank, I do not know so many people prepared to surprise me. It means a lot to me. After watching this video, I feel that they are not easy, but also regarded as a wonderful work. Thank you very much for being with you all." Subsequently, Show Luo and Ouyang Nana pushed Oscar Oscar with a cake in the shape of his congratulations, Jackie Chan is so surprised. Show Luo joked: "I do not have what special request, hope Oscar brother in his acceptance speech can say" I love Show Luo "on it." At this time, Nana added: "I did not expect that the small Zhuge, I only hope I go with uncle." Two people rub Oscar enthusiasm, amused side of the laughter of the Jackie Chan. It is understood that the day did not Show Luo and Ouyang, the drama of the two, specifically for the surprise of the people to come to the surprise of the, and then, to the surprise of the. Jackie Chan’s first talk about winning experience will be the first time dedicated to the blood of the machine in September of this year, Jackie Chan won the lifetime achievement award of the message came from the rapid explosion of the film industry and social networks. Jackie Chan became the first Chinese to win the award, but also the fourth won the.相关的主题文章: