Brazil and other six countries to the general assembly to submit a bill to promote negotiations to s

Brazil and other six countries to the general assembly to submit proposals to promote the CTBT negotiations – Sohu launched military channel in September 29, according to Japanese media reports, and strive to develop "Austria Convention on the prohibition of nuclear weapons in the" 6 non nuclear countries have jointly submitted to the UN General Assembly enacted in 2017 to start negotiations. The first committee of the general assembly of the United Nations, which is due to begin next week, is expected to discuss the issue, the report said. The United States has made it clear that it opposes any bill that calls for multilateral negotiations. Japanese media pointed out that the opposition to promote the non nuclear armed state and opposition to the nuclear powers or opposition will intensify. Japan, the only one to be bombed by nuclear weapons, but now in the United States under the nuclear umbrella, has not made clear to the convention. It is reported that the motion of a total of 3 pages, with the use of all nuclear weapons will bring the devastating humanitarian level on the grounds that the emphasis for the realization of "nuclear free world" and "rules to ban nuclear legally binding documents" is very important, in 2017 the United Nations meetings, starting with nuclear waste for the target file making negotiation. The motion proposed to hold relevant meetings in New York, the rule of the United Nations General Assembly, such as the minority majority, but did not mention the duration of the convention. In addition, the motion also said that non-governmental organizations (NGO) and other international organizations and civil society should also participate in the. According to relevant sources, the six countries also include Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Nigeria, ireland. The bill will be put to the vote at the first committee, if it will be adopted by the general assembly of the United Nations, which will be submitted to the general assembly in December. On the issue of nuclear disarmament, the United Nations Working Group on nuclear disarmament held in Geneva in August with the majority in favor of a report to the general assembly of the United Nations proposal to start negotiations in 2017. Japan voted to abstain from voting.相关的主题文章: