British media Syria ceasefire agreement with Russia and NATO into Kongwen or spark a conflict accide-plants war

British media: Syria ceasefire agreement with Russia and NATO into Kongwen or spark a conflict accidentally – Sohu News Reference News Network February 23rd British media reported that Syria reached a "nationwide ceasefire agreement" appears to be invalid. According to the British "Daily Telegraph" website reported on February 13th, Bashar? Assad friends in Russia is determined in Munich signed a ceasefire agreement does not prevent any attack "terrorists" – and Assad insists he has never done anything else. Reported that Assad may now completed the siege of Aleppo, and destroyed — the last area of northern Syria controlled Russia from the air Iran bombing, from the ground supply combatants — and still comply with the terms of the cease-fire agreement. As an example of cynical diplomacy, the Munich ceasefire appears to be unique. In fact, the latest events in Syria are even more worrying. At present, Aleppo and the surrounding the tragedies constitute a direct threat to the security of Europe, it will risk the threat of terrorism and conflict of the NATO and Russia together. Reported that people often after a dangerous and the most vulnerable European NATO members and Vladimir? Putin’s invasion of the Baltic countries the possibility of together. But never forget that Turkey is also a part of nato. President Recep El Tayyip Erdogan has threatened?? Turkey will send troops across the border into Syria, it has two purposes, one is to avoid the failure of the rebel allies, two is to open up a buffer zone along the border. Assuming that El will move and deploy his troops in Syria, the biggest risk will be Russia’s response to air raids on Turkey troops. If the following occurs in Russia bombed Syrian Turkish army, Mr Erdogan deployed his air force to protect ground forces — and Russian MiG fighter was shot down. Russia immediately attacked the territory of Turkey and retaliated with the air force base used by the fighter planes to fight the MIG fighters. Reported that one of his Air Force bases was destroyed by the Moscow Kremlin bomb, El Erdogan announced that Turkey was invaded by russia. According to the fifth article of the North Atlantic Treaty, he asked his allies to help. The fifth article says that "armed attacks on a member of NATO" should be regarded as an attack on all member states". Frankly speaking, El may invite other member countries to choose whether to fight Russia or to tear down the reliability of collective security Collective security is the cornerstone of nato. How will other member states respond? In addition, what about the rebels in the cracks? From the beginning of the conflict, the young men and one armed groups fought in the militia, Islamist insurgents, even the Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant (IS) transfer. The only general rule is that any organization that gets into trouble often loses the members they recruit. The report says there are a lot of fighters fighting alongside non extremist groups.

英媒:叙停火协议成空文 北约或与俄擦枪走火-搜狐新闻  参考消息网2月23日报道英媒称,叙利亚达成的“全国范围的停火协议”看来是无效的。   据英国《每日电讯报》网站2月13日报道,巴沙尔?阿萨德的俄罗斯朋友非常确定,在慕尼黑签署的停火协议并未阻止任何人袭击“恐怖分子”――而阿萨德则坚称,他从未做过其他事情。   报道称,阿萨德现在可能完成了对阿勒颇的包围,并且摧毁了叙利亚北部控制的最后一个地区――俄罗斯从空中进行轰炸,伊朗从地面供应战斗人员――且仍然遵守停火协议的条款。作为犬儒外交的一个例子,慕尼黑停火协议显得独树一帜。   实际上,叙利亚最新的事件更令人担忧。目前阿勒颇及其周围上演的悲剧对欧洲的安全构成直接威胁,它将恐怖主义的威胁与北约和俄罗斯发生直接冲突的风险结合在了一起。   报道称,人们往往将后一种危险与北约最易受攻击的欧洲成员国以及弗拉基米尔?普京侵略波罗的海国家的可能性联系在一起。但永远不要忘记,土耳其也是北约的一部分。   总统雷杰普?塔伊普?埃尔多安已经威胁将派遣土耳其军队越过边境进入叙利亚,这样做有两个目的,一是避免其叛乱分子盟友失败,二是沿边界开辟一个缓冲区。假设埃尔多安将展开行动并在叙利亚部署他的军队:那么最大的风险将是俄罗斯以空袭土耳其部队作为回应。   假设发生以下情况:在俄罗斯轰炸叙利亚境内的土耳其军队,埃尔多安部署他的空军以保护地面部队――而三架俄罗斯米格战斗机被击落。俄罗斯立即以袭击土耳其境内,由打击米格战斗机的战机所使用的空军基地进行报复。   报道称,在其空军基地中的一个被克里姆林宫的炸弹摧毁后,埃尔多安便宣布土耳其遭到俄罗斯的入侵。根据《北大西洋公约》第五条条款,他要求他的盟友提供帮助。第五条条款称,“对一个”北约(NATO)成员国的“武装袭击应当被视为对所有成员国的袭击”。   坦白地说,埃尔多安可能会邀请其他成员国做出选择,是与俄罗斯开战,还是撕碎集体安全保障的可靠性?集体安全保障是北约的基石。其他成员国将如何回应?   报道称,此外,那些在夹缝中的叛乱分子怎么样呢?从这场冲突的开始,年轻男性就与一个接一个的武装组织并肩作战,在民兵、伊斯兰教主义叛乱分子,甚至是伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国(IS)之间转移。唯一的一般规则就是陷入麻烦的任何组织往往会失去它们所招募的成员。   报道称,在目前与非极端组织并肩作战的战士中,有很多人可能会投靠伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国,而不愿冒着失败以及入狱的风险。如果那样,IS可能会成为阿萨德在阿勒颇附近即将取得的胜利的一个赢家――这正是他将希望的,因为加强这些圣战主义者自始至终都是他的生存策略。但欧洲在那时将必须应对恐怖主义的更大危险。   报道称,忽然之间,欧洲的安全面临的最大危险正集中在阿勒颇北部。相关的主题文章: