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Arts-and-Entertainment With gas at $4 a gallon, HyperMiling is really getting traction. But what exactly is it? Can anyone do it? With any kind of car? Is it hard? Do I need a hypermiling manual to get results? Oh, and now that Ive got your attention: how much can I save? Lets get one thing straight right away. Owning a hypermiling manual will not do you any good. Employing the techniques in a well written and properly researched hypermiling manual however, will. Even if you just drive 10 miles a day, you can save up to $292 a year with any kind of car. If you drive more or if you drive a gas guzzling monster, your savings will dramatically escalate. Lets get another thing straight: Hypermiling isnt rocket science. Dont listen to the marketers that try to make you believe it is. You dont need a college degree to start hypermiling. Anyone can do it and save 20-40% at the pump. Not bad if you consider todays gas prices. And talking about gas prices, experts that say gas prices of $5 a gallon, $6 a gallon or even more, is just a matter of time. Back to hypermiling and the initial question: do you need a manual? You probably dont if you are perfectly happy with a 5-10% better mileage. Just do a search on Gas Saving Tips and youll find plenty to get you started. Watch some videos at YouTube and employ everything you learned. However, you DO need a hypermiling manual if your time is valuable and if you want to start saving tomorrow, the next time you pull out of your driveway. A properly researched and well written, easy to follow hypermiling manual will instantly help you save money. How much? It all depends on how many different techniques you employ, your discipline, your driving habits, your car and more. Fact is, even if you drive just 10 miles a day and employ just a handful of the tips, tricks and techniques youll find in a good manual like HyperMiling Techniques, you will save 25-40%. Remember the opening lines of this article? Owning a hypermiling manual is not going to make much of a difference. Youll have to take action. Read the manual, test all the different techniques and see what works best for you, your driving habits and your car. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: