Can not stop the Chinese money offensive Korean lol players salary development problem-demonophobia

Can not stop the Chinese money offensive LOL Korean players pay a problem in the development of the S6 championship, South Korea has been 4 consecutive years PA LOL. But the salary problem may be the biggest obstacle to its development. The South Korean team championship for two consecutive years swept the global finals, although this on the world stage to carry forward the Korea E-sports sovereign’s prestige, but the team club is completely not happy. Because the Chinese team total articles to large sums of money coveted Korean players, the Korean club in order to keep the selected gestures necessary and Chinese a salary war. China 3 billion ~40 million dollars? Dig SKT T1 Faker Korean team won the championship 2016 finals in the world is the battle of the South Korean team in the S6, the final SKT T1 beat Samsung, the third time to get the finals of the world championship. Since 2013, South Korea four times won the championship trophy, it also proved to the world that the position of LOL. South Korea because the players are too good, the club faced with all kinds of trouble. Because with the closing of the global finals, the players are also placed on the table of the annual salary negotiations. The most tangled club than to get three times the world finals champion refresh record SKT. Especially at the end of November, with the world’s first LOL –Faker’s contract will expire, really worried. Faker SKT although want to seize the Faker, but in front of the huge salary in front of the Chinese team, appears to be some weakness. Chinese team to South Korea players proposed billion yuan (Han Bi) salary is not a minority. Especially the lead SKT won three titles from the Faker, a long time ago is from 0 CIS players. The amount of money is hard to imagine. Last year, after winning the world championship finals, there are rumors that the Chinese team gave Faker a white check, let it write. This will offer estimates that about 30~40 billion won (about 17 million 770 thousand ~2370 million yuan), which is equivalent to the occupation baseball outfielder extra $60000. Chinese team once proposed such a huge salary, SKT difficult to correspond. Now Faker only annual salary less than 500 million won (about 2 million 960 thousand yuan), plus bonuses and other income of about 1 billion won (about 5 million 920 thousand yuan). So, SKT must mention 3~4 times on this benchmark. South Korea said the insider, "in SKT is not only Faker, Bang and Wolf are mostly a player, they will win because of the possibility of asking for a raise is very high, all in Faker who is also very difficult." Faker if not satisfied with SKT’s annual salary proposal, is unlikely to stay in SKT. Although last year chose to have the ability to continue to win the SKT, but now has created a record three times the world finals champion, may also want to try other challenges. South Korea insiders broke the news, now more than Faker, reputation to make more money. Samsung, ROX will enter the annual salary war to get the second runner up of Samsung and SKT.相关的主题文章: