Car onion ring Double eleven to buy these That money will be white. – Sohu car (video)

Car onion ring: Double eleven to buy these? That money will be white. Small video Sohu automobile production when blood brother onion, some good points of network open to see everyone, a lot of buddy in the onion brother micro shop to buy things would ask the onion brother, I just bought a new car, they need to buy what? Today, I would like to tell you about some of the necessary equipment, and why. Before saying what to buy onions have said first several must not buy things. Do not buy the glue is a product of the 80s, is completely outdated decoration. Unless your car often pull goods, or simply do not need to install, and glue, breathable floor will become very bad, if there is water invasion is not easy to find, very easy to mildew, so don’t put this. A lot of people like to hang some amulets in the rearview mirror, and some girls like to hang some dolls. In fact, this is a very unsafe practice. As the vehicle often bumps, so the car will hang in front. You may think that, anyway, this does not affect my front line of sight. However, after a long period of time, the driver will hang on the car often shake the area of automatic filtering, once the non motor vehicles or pedestrians into the line of sight will sometimes make people jump. In addition, the car from the point of design, it is as far as possible to windshield vision, so long not to drive easily tired, and block the car hanging directly murdered designers of effort. Many people love to put perfume in the car, some people to smell the pungent shelter, some people to smell. China is now selling perfume, good quality is very small, most of the chemical composition is heavy. After the sun exposure, more volatile. Too much of the aroma will make the driver easy to get sleepy. So it is recommended that you do not do the thing, a car should have their own taste, if you feel bad, the ventilation window is a better choice. Must buy this is now driving the top priority, hundreds of pieces of things can solve the worries, it is essential. Otherwise, there is a person lying in front of your car, crying too late. And the last onion brother by Baidu to go by car scratch, but fortunately not serious, if serious can also become an important auxiliary evidence. As for the recording of the purchase, or feel that the elder brother is reliable, clear and beautiful, the motherboard chip is more important, the other is too complicated to feel that the function is not necessary. Of course, some of the small partners want to take the electronic dog function, but also can, after all, save a lot of space inside the car. There is also a more recommended, is to replace the original car rearview mirror, this recorder also incorporates some of the navigation functions, relatively easy to install. Tire is the most important safety, but also the whole car only insurance is not lost, can only spend their replacement parts. In addition, if you suddenly found the tyres, their tires not only embarrassing and dangerous, it is tiring. A tire pressure that propaganda personally, because the pressure is too high and the possibility of tire is too small, as long as the general tire cheer when right in use only!相关的主题文章: