CCTV financial channel join hands to build national

CCTV financial channel: to build national brand enterprises CCTV financial channel: national brand mission on August 25th, after Shanghai and Guangzhou Railway Station, CCTV financial channel value Communication Summit held in Beijing last stop. Beijing will promote the theme of "national brand mission play," revealed CCTV financial channel as the largest platform for the spread of the mainstream economy, to build national brand business confidence and confidence. Director of CCTV financial channel qi Zhuquan summarized the financial channel of this confidence and confidence from four aspects: the "professional, form, influence, good service". Led the promotion of the economic information network and China financial reports, CCTV financial channel is the main force to create professional and influence two. "Economic information network" is the CCTV financial channel information reported flagship, known as the "Chinese economy" news broadcast "," the authoritative sources of information, the depth of investigation ability and a number of brand of professional journalists, to capture every action and new trends and global economic life in China, "supply side structural reform look at the place" "Chinese Economic Yearbook" "hit the British exit" reported in the industry have greater influence, become the domestic economy in the field of high value reports and brand position. With 20 years of history "Chinese financial reports", is the financial channel Industry Report "cover story", adhere to the original observation and thinking, in the characteristic, representative and observation value of the enterprise set up a "financial observation point", enhance the industry report advocate and lead. "China financial report" program has been transformed into a "financial documentary", in the domestic industry unique. Beginning in 2017, China financial report will focus on the depth of modern agriculture, energy, environmental protection, real estate, automotive, finance and other hot industries, industry report brand logo will be more distinctive. "Meet" big coffee "gold line" of "geeks" such as CCTV financial channel main economic life service innovation program, to provide the communication form of brand more valuable for enterprises. "Coffee" is a documentary to meet financial figures in documentary based, anchor and entrepreneur into daily life, with her unique perspective, close to record their pressure and selection, anguish and joy, through the details of their character and charm, their life in the past to explore the surge high and sweep forward, cast their positive energy the success of the. The "golden line" (season second) take the "depth of experience + cool task + cross screen interactive way, mobile phone live recording synchronized with the TV screen interaction, people share, looking for the play, found the most fun, to provide personalized travel services for the audience. 12 sets of innovative programs "new appearance of" geek is particularly striking. "Geek" is a reality show of a mining science and technology innovation versus outdoor world science and technology innovation team is the strongest, the 8 Chinese team and 8 global team one-on-one confrontation in the UAV, intelligent vehicle, robot positioning, search and rescue, experience from the preliminaries to the semi-finals and the final three stages, the only winner winning the championship team. The introduction of a variety of programs and even movies, TV shows, presentation theory相关的主题文章: