CCTV’s invitation, the girl Fu Yuanhui is expected to participate in the 2017 Spring Festival (

CCTV’s invitation, "the girl" Fu Yuanhui Fu Yuanhui is expected to participate in the 2017 Spring Festival Evening News surging news from Fu Yuanhui in November 15th the unit – Zhejiang Sports School of Career Technical College was informed that the last week sent a letter to CCTV, I hope the school agreed to Fu Yuanhui in the 2017 CCTV Spring Festival gala. In August 8th, the Rio Olympic Games women’s 100 meter backstroke semifinals after the end of the interview, Fu Yuanhui with its rich facial expressions and the words "I have used the power of red burst network. At the beginning of November, the 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Gala (watch) program solicitation after the start, there are a lot of friends suggested that Fu Yuanhui on the Spring Festival evening show "field force". "From the perspective of the unit, without prejudice to the normal training is to agree with her to participate in the Spring Festival gala." Zhejiang sports Career Technical College Office of the relevant responsible person said, but this is Fu Yuanhui I agree to participate in the specific form, negotiated by the Spring Festival Gala column group I with her "form is nothing more than two kinds, one is like the Spring Festival in 2009, Olympic athletes to the National People’s collective worship; another is based on her personal characteristics, a show." Fu Yuanhui’s father Fu Chunsheng told the surging news, to attend the 17 held in Tokyo 2016 Asian Swimming Championships, Fu Yuanhui had closed training in Beijing, 14, arrived in Tokyo, has not decided whether to participate in the Spring Festival Gala, "after several rounds of rehearsal, daughter about possible effects of training. In my opinion, the show is an affirmation of the athletes, hoping not to affect her training both ways." Fu Yuanhui has a deep fear of the "ocean cruise" exposure chowhound attribute相关的主题文章: