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Chinese ASEAN entrepreneurs dialogue held in Nanning high-end international, September 12 Nanning Xinhua (reporter Wang Yunna) in September 11th, "China ASEAN entrepreneurs high-end dialogue" ended in Guangxi Nanning poly Grand Bay, responsibilities and tasks, from Chinese and ASEAN business elites Chinese ASEAN entrepreneurs the Federation of Chinese ASEAN International Cooperation Fund, Chinese capacity – ASEAN Free Trade Area of the development opportunities and other issues were discussed, and through the establishment of "Chinese ASEAN International capacity Cooperation Fund" initiative. The dialogue sponsored by China ASEAN Expo Secretariat, Chinese ASEAN Entrepreneurs Association, "China ASEAN Expo" magazine hosted. China ASEAN Entrepreneurs Association was announced at the Tenth China ASEAN Expo in 2013, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and the leaders of ASEAN countries witnessed the establishment of the Federation of the 10. China ASEAN Expo Secretariat as a unit in charge of the union, three years of entrepreneurial work of the Federation has been actively promoting, the dialogue is China ASEAN Entrepreneurs Association of the first high-level meeting since its establishment, the entrepreneur will participate in the dialogue Chinese and ASEAN countries become Chinese ASEAN entrepreneurs founding member. China ASEAN Entrepreneurs Association aims to exchange information through trade, providing dialogue channels, build a business platform to promote international cooperation in production capacity. China – ASEAN Expo Secretariat Secretary General Wang Lei, Chinese ASEAN center secretary general Yang Xiuping attended the meeting and delivered a speech in the dialogue, the dialogue will be held in blessing, and hope to Chinese ASEAN Entrepreneurs Association of the first members to actively promote the Chinese ASEAN Economic and trade cooperation. Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand?: the theme of "Chinese tapa Langxi – ASEAN Friendship Foundation" business cooperation speech, delivered a speech in Dunhuang, Malaysia CEO Wang Shutong, China Datuk Ma Hankun – ASEAN e-commerce and international cooperation and international cooperation Park capacity. The president of Thailand, South Wing Group Vice President of Thailand Youxie Huang Xiyuan; Indonesia Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Group Chairman Xiong Delong, chairman Xiong; Kampuchea senator, a famous entrepreneur Lord Liu Mingqin; Malaysia famous entrepreneur Datuk Datuk Ma Hankun; Lin Hengyi; Levin, executive vice president of the China Friendship Association, famous entrepreneur Dr. Chen Jiafu Chinese ASEAN entrepreneurs and more than 100 guests attended the event. With the development of the strategic The Belt and Road "to promote the implementation of, and Chinese ASEAN capacity deepening cooperation, China ASEAN Economic and trade relations are developing steadily, more and more enterprises to enter the ASEAN countries for business Chinese. It is reported that the association to the "Chinese ASEAN entrepreneurs high-end dialogue" as the starting point, the future will be regularly held annual meetings, forums, seminars, visits, recreational activities, enhance political and business interaction, sharing information and political business wisdom. Federation annual meeting, forum and Expo series integration activities, sharing high-end platform for dialogue, the participants will be president of the association of national business, and business leaders, experts and scholars and celebrities from all walks of life together, will further realize enterprise development vision, rich Chinese)相关的主题文章: