China KeShenKeTeng, the most beautiful autumn original here – tourism Sohu ca1805

China KeShenKeTeng, the most beautiful autumn original here – tourism Sohu this place has the most beautiful autumn China! Don’t look at the letter wave according to the United States: This is shadow pictures KeShenKeTeng, was named the world geological park, located in the northwest of Inner Mongolia City, Chifeng, the Middle East of Inner Mongolia plateau, twenty thousand square kilometers, less than one in 50 of Inner Mongolia’s total area, but here is known as "the epitome of Inner Mongolia". Although it is autumn, but not the slightest sense of solitude, but extremely spectacular. Picture shadow Hexigten autumn, perfect confirms what is called a step king, where to go, there are good scenery waiting for you. > > > > Kungl prairie is located in the northwest of Hexigten Banner, southwest, is the latest from Beijing Inner Mongolia grassland, natural scenery and customs of Inner Mongolia. There is no fixed spots, the most beautiful scenery on the road, all the way through the prairie, even if there is no wind can see the sheep and sheep everywhere. > > > > huanggangliang huanggangliang national Forest Park is located in the northeast of Hexigten Banner, an area of 18 hectares, alternating high hills and plain terrain ups and downs, gully. Huang Gang Liang covers the grasslands, mountains, valleys, lakes, meadows, forests, sparse forests, sand, etc., coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest landscape is its unique landscape. > > > > toad dam is located in Hebei and Inner Mongolia at the junction of the Ulan Buh Keqi territory, is a gently sloping high up, here the unique landforms, hilly mountain. "Mi month biography" has been shot here, toad dam bright and colorful autumn, red leaves and bright yellow all over the mountains and plains, birch leaves together, whether in toad nobody research. > > > > Moulin wonders this spectacle is located in the territory of Hexigten Banner new Wells Township of Castle Peak area, Castle Peak in the top open flat, oval, round high, middle low, grassland and bare rock coexist. Moulin is glacial traces, because of the formation of the pit like the South tsuishine mortar, so called moulin. Castle Moulins is currently in China and the world’s largest discovery form the best and most types, the most complete preservation of the moulins". > > > > a rifted lake located in the North West dalainuoer KeShenKeTeng, is the second largest lake in Inner Mongolia. Dalainuoer is the sea in mongolian. As the lake is vast grassland surrounded by Kungl, as if there is a sense of the sea. Here is not only the white swan is the hometown of Red Crowned Crane, white naped crane, crane, crane and other rare birds of the world clothing and many places of migratory birds. > > > > Wulanbu) is located in the East相关的主题文章: