China sweatshop was revealed Crazy overtime wages shrink mia farrow

China sweatshop was revealed: Crazy overtime wages shrink the upcoming iPhone 7, the production work is to promote the generation of wildly beating gongs and drums in the factory are trying their best to produce new mobile phone more, to prepare for the first wave of the first. The workers work overtime at this time, Chinese observation (China Labor Watch) Labour Organization released a report, one of the biggest apple foundry Pegatron is still a "sweatshop", where the workers were forced to direct or disguised overtime, even the intern is no exception. Report points: 2015 workers paid $1.85 an hour ($12.3), 2016 rose to $2 ($13.3), but after deducting costs, the actual hand only $1.6 ($10.7). 2015 years more than 62% workers per month more than 82 hours of overtime, one of the workers the most serious month 109 hours of overtime, when the total reached 293 hours. – China law prohibits the intern to work overtime, but overtime and interns also has 80 hours a month, the same as normal work. Basic wage is too low, only about $213 per month ($1420), can only rely on overtime to raise revenue. Overtime is very low – Factory forced overtime, workers in the production season can not leave, holidays will be reduced or even canceled. – production line workers to arrive 10 minutes in advance, but this is not a man in the past 10 minutes. – every worker spends nearly 1 hours a day on the identity and security checks in and out of the shop. – workers are exposed to hazardous substances in the workshop environment without proper protection. Apple responded that indeed know Pegatron part of the production line are excessive overtime, but the proportion is not reported so exaggerated, but Apple refused to disclose the calculation of overtime.相关的主题文章: