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China created the world’s first "double M" unmanned boat shape science fiction – Sohu military channel page first: China made the world’s first intelligent high-speed USV [click the picture to the next page] as the world’s first "double M" high-speed intelligent unmanned "SeaFly-01". Liberation Army Daily, Chinese in net corporate micro-blog @ army newspaper reporter announced that in November 3rd, China developed the world’s first "double M" high-speed intelligent unmanned "SeaFly-01" success. Recently, China’s independent development of the world’s first dual M type high-speed intelligent unmanned boat, SeaFly-01 end of the water closed test. The boat is 10.25 meters in length, the maximum speed of 45 knots, 4 sea conditions can also work for path planning, navigation and obstacle avoidance tracking intelligent mode, will be applied to coastal patrol, armed confrontation, submarine detection etc.. According to reported on October 27th, on the same day, the world’s first "double M" high speed intelligent unmanned boat, developed in Wuhan, and the trial in the lake. Wuhan made unmanned craft a number of technology for the world’s first reporter learned that, SeaFly-01 is responsible for research and development by the Quartet Wuhan branch, this is the first appearance in South lake. SeaFly-01 uses the "double M" stealth ship, the entire ship carbon fiber material, the Beidou navigation and communication technology, has the function of self-learning, ad hoc cluster operations, three-in-one autonomous obstacle avoidance, are the first unmanned technology. At the same time, SeaFly-01 unmanned boat as a common platform that can carry light weapons, photoelectric detection, sonar and other equipment, has a broad application prospect in the field of coastal patrol, armed confrontation, submarine detection, water quality monitoring. Core control equipment localization rate of one hundred percent this unmanned boat all the core control equipment are developed by us, the localization rate reached one hundred percent." Quartet technical staff Liu Fei told reporters that completely independent research and development is not only conducive to the upgrading of unmanned boat equipment maintenance, information security and confidentiality is also essential. It is reported that SeaFly-01 unmanned ship a total length of 10.25 meters, the maximum speed reached 45, state 4 can work normally. The boat can carry on intelligent mode tracking navigation, path planning, obstacle avoidance; and can be used for speed and in semi intelligent navigation mode; also support remote control and manual driving board. Small unmanned leading industrial revolution "marine times in the future we will continue to develop SeaFly-01 as a civilian, marine intelligent equipment, can be expected for water duty and operation also brings about a new industrial revolution!" Liu Fei said, twenty-first Century is the century of the ocean, vigorously develop the marine high-end equipment is represent the general trend, China has emerged a number of outstanding private enterprises, adhering to the "technology to serve the country, hard work and prosperous" concept, to create high-quality domestic equipment for oneself, open up China’s new type of equipment, rapid development of the situation. Second page: China made the world’s first high-speed intelligent unmanned boat [click on the picture to the next page] map for the world’s first".相关的主题文章: