Chinese artificial intelligence conference CCAI 2016 held in Beijing stellarium

China AI CCAI 2016 conference held in Beijing – Beijing, vice president, China Academy of Sciences, deputy director of the Academy of Sciences Chinese China artificial intelligence association chairman Tan Tieniu in new network on 26 August, August 26th to 27, in China science and Technology Association, China Academy of Sciences under the guidance of 2016 Chinese artificial Intelligence Conference organized, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of automation and CSDN jointly hosted Chinese sponsored by the Association for artificial intelligence (CCAI 2016) was held in Beijing Liaoning building, which is the annual domestic field of artificial intelligence, the largest and highest academic and technical event, has a significant role for the research and application development in the field of artificial intelligence in china. Along with the successful experience of CCAI 2015, the invited experts at home and abroad were invited to attend the meeting and speak as the general assembly. Nearly 40 domestic and foreign top scientists and industry elite excellent report and discussion, covering machine learning, pattern recognition, human-computer interaction, Natural Language Processing (NLP), hot research and industrial practice field of artificial intelligence in cognitive science, neuroscience, etc.. The report of the general assembly and the detailed interpretation of the current status and development trend of artificial intelligence, discusses the practical experience of artificial intelligence, showing the latest technology innovation products and applications. From the Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, Lenovo,, HUAWEI, Sogou, BMW brilliance, Intel, Samsung, PHILPS, China Science Institute of Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, hundreds of companies and academic institutions of the thousands of artificial intelligence professional audience to attend the meeting. Deep learning, decryption robot, automatic question answering, cognitive science, neural science and technology advanced by 8 Fellow artificial intelligence expert report, artificial intelligence from the status quo, limitation and way of deep learning, research and development of intelligent robot, automatic question answering to upgrade, collaborative planning, and the latest research in cognitive science, cross the profound interpretation of neuroscience respectively, pointed out the direction for the future development of artificial intelligence. General Assembly on the first day of the first report from the vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, vice chairman of the Chinese Association of artificial intelligence Tan Tieniu. Entitled "thinking" about the development of artificial intelligence report, academician Tan Tieniu and profound interpretation of the progress of artificial intelligence China practice and existing problems, and puts forward their suggestions on the academic research and industrial practice direction. Microsoft artificial intelligence chief scientist, IEEE Deng Li Fellow report focuses on the industry’s most familiar with big data and depth of learning. In the "three class depth application of a variety of big data driven artificial intelligence learning mode" as the theme, Deng Li describes the depth of supervised learning, unsupervised learning depth and depth of reinforcement learning and other three kinds of deep learning relationship and difference mode, and the three kinds of deep learning relation model and data, and through the case study of Microsoft group and a detailed description in the different applications of artificial intelligence to choose different patterns of deep learning reason and the actual effect. After two precipitation, China Artificial Intelligence Conference CCAI has become an authoritative platform in the field of artificial intelligence.相关的主题文章: