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Civil aviation Ban Ban or put? Open ban is the general trend – the provisions of the new aircraft in the air to prohibit the use of mobile phones passengers, public opinion has been debated. Supporters believe that this off the flight safety. Opponents believe that China’s civil aviation and the use of the same type of aircraft in Europe and the United States, why can not like those countries to open the use of mobile phones. Half a month ago, China Civil Aviation Authority announced the Revised Draft Civil Aviation Law, which is a major revision of civil aviation law since 1996 since the implementation of the. For the mobile phone ban, the draft also explicitly prohibits the illegal use of mobile phones. Violators could face fines of up to $fifty thousand. Although still in the comments, but this clause has caused a huge controversy. The industry believes that this may lead to the opening of "mobile phone ban" are65. What is implied in this clause? Illegal use of mobile phones can be fined up to fifty thousand of the controversial clause, in the revised draft of the 150th, belonging to civil aviation security. In the threat of civil aviation safety and order of illegal interference behavior, including the violation of the provisions of the use of mobile phones or other prohibited use of electronic equipment". Provisions concerning punishment, in the draft is as follows: "illegal interference acts endanger the safety of civil aviation, the order is not serious enough for criminal punishment, or in accordance with the" People’s Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law "can not be punished, the punishment shall apply to the" People’s Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law "article twenty-third, article thirty-fourth, plot especially serious, fines can be increased to fifty thousand yuan." About VS to comply with the rules in fact about respect for science can use mobile phone on the plane, the folk has always been debated, supporters and opponents of tit for tat. Xiao Zhang is a radio enthusiast, for a class of electronic products such as mobile phones. Every time he takes a plane, he doesn’t turn off the phone. Now the phone is advanced, and will not interfere with the aircraft." He always chose the window seat, took a beautiful picture with a cell phone. He will also open the GPS, with a map to see the location of mobile phones. Look at the plane flying over the mountains and the sea, but also the pleasure of the journey." However, he will encounter obstacles. Even if he escaped the rebuke of the flight attendant, he would often be criticized by the elderly. Zhang will do science for the elderly, to talk about why the phone will not affect the security, but the elderly do not listen to him. Old Zhou is such an old man. On the plane, he saw a young man in a sneaky way to do mobile phone. Since the provisions of the phone off, it should comply with the rules." This is the old week point of view. Zhang old debate with the old, it is in the public opinion on the plane, cell phone ban microcosm. An important argument is small, Chinese used in America and Europe, the same brand of the same type of aircraft, the United States and Europe have opened up the mobile phone ban, but the domestic in sight. The process of mobile phones until 2013 to open the European and American countries to open the plane’s mobile phone ban has gone through a long cloud相关的主题文章: