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"Cold" published the first file dynamic poster Mencius challenge – Entertainment Sohu juelian Yi spoony Meng Ziyi as "cold" Weiyang Sohu entertainment news popular romance blockbuster IP drama "cold, we can not be sad" (hereinafter referred to as "cold") finally opened a mysterious veil. October 26, 2016, the whole network for the first time announced a dynamic poster, and officially announced the five stars, Zhong Hanliang, Ma Tianyu, and so on, and then, in the haze, and so on, in the twilight of the world, such as. TV drama "cold" is adapted from the famous romantic writers and works of the same name, tells the heroine of ginger and brother cold together, imperceptibly into the ethical emotional whirlpool, then gradually emerged in the process, Weiyang et al, Tianyou gradually joined the doomed tragedy feelings the war… Played by Meng Ziyi and Jiang Weiyang, originally is bestie, then with ginger health brother cold. In the cold Zhilie fire of love not only let the Weiyang lost gradually, more let her become paranoid crazy. Love this entanglement years, Weiyang not only bitter cold for seven years more to make a lot of crazy things hurt self, is a painful and paranoid infatuation tragic role. However, in Meng Ziyi’s official micro-blog forwarding, but also said, "this world, I can give you the best love, can only be, you love him, I do." Seems to imply that the outcome of Weiyang this romance, triggered speculation users. It is reported that Meng Ziyi attended the Beijing Film Academy, at the beginning of the "Wu God Zhao Zilong" a drama became known, "the prosecutor Zhou Wenwen people’s prosecutor" landing CCTV as the beautiful intellectual, the same year starred in a new version of "Legend of the Condor Heroes" in Munianci, "what and what" woman in the cool summer No. two Yang Yali. She participated in the reality show "first grade" has now landed in Hunan satellite TV, every Saturday evening at ten on time to meet you.   相关的主题文章: