College has become an industry chain for students to change the intermediary fees charged-stand by me shinee

College courses for students has become the industry chain "intermediary" charge for the college entrance examination industry summit early warning: how to break the situation has to click on the registration of these candidates after the College Entrance Examination Reform Summit industry still miserable consultant transition or eliminated the college entrance examination of college entrance examination revealed pre planning white paper Industry Summit flow Cheng Qiangxian college entrance examination since the discipline competition requirements summary three candidates how to counter attack since the elite for learning what professional admission test points ranking key recommended colleges "all-weather for class, can deal with all kinds of difficult teacher, a class 20 yuan, quality assurance not bargain." In the major colleges and universities in the country, student attendance is often closely related to grades. Recently, China Youth Daily reporter survey found that · the middle line, paid for college class phenomenon quietly become a trend, for most students the lesson. With the increase of demand, the course has gradually developed into a gray industrial chain in the campus. From a single school to the University intensive areas, are distributed or large or small for class group. The number of classes for different groups, more than seven hundred or eight hundred people. With the change of students’ needs, "service" content from class for extending to take delivery, with a meal, for training, lectures, for morning exercises. The provision of these services are mostly college students. University for the class into the industrial chain, the public lesson for class disaster area, seeking a girl tomorrow 5, and 6 for class." In the "Bohai University for part-time course group", the news issued 3 minutes after someone grab one success. As long as the message in this QQ group for the course needs, private talk about a good price, it will be for class attendance. However, this phenomenon does not exist in Bohai University. According to Chinese Youth Daily · youth online reporter learned that in many colleges and universities nationwide college students for the class, has gradually formed a relatively mature industry chain, has become one of the college students part-time choice. In the QQ group search, enter "for class" of the word, you can find hundreds of classes for the group, involving most of the provinces in the country. The number of people in different groups, some groups of seven hundred or eight hundred people. For example, a "Beijing Haidian headquarters for class headquarters" for class group, covering Beihang University (fractional line, professional setting), Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (scores, professional settings), Beijing Normal University, Renmin University of China (scores, professional settings), University of Science and Technology Beijing (scores, professional settings) and many other well-known universities. Group number 394. According to a "class for service" students said, "the seller orders" after talks between the two sides, good price, the buyer to provide details, such as the number, class and name etc.. After the seller will give the buyer in the classroom to the teacher in the class photo, the buyer after confirmation by Alipay or WeChat and other mobile payment of compensation. The whole process does not need to meet the two sides, buyers and sellers do not know each other. The greater the risk, the greater the difficulty, the higher the charges." Another engaged in service for the class, the students told reporters, for the course fee is based on the length of the course and the degree of difficulty for the class to charge. General a class 40 minutes, charges $25, the more hours相关的主题文章: