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Comment: "crossover" variety is performing artists and "benevolent king" in the comic crossover comedy. " > Zhou Jie, Sun Nan in the "king of comedy" in the comic show cross-border cross-border "singer" in the soulful singing. " > Wang Kai in "crossover singer" in – recently, Beijing satellite TV in 2017 key resource promotion and advertising signing will be ongoing, "" king of comedy "cross king" "play cross-border cross-border ice king" cross-border "knights" "cross the big coffee show" and a number of cross-border variety show "appearance. In recent years, the variety show "crossover" seems to look better, "" king of comedy "crossover story", almost every mainstream TV has headed the program’s own unique cross. There is no doubt that the cross is the kingly way. In the past few years, the next few years will be the main variety show, cross-border variety is so fire, of course, is the cultural production of consumer social entertainment programs. Generally speaking, film stars, drama actors, singers involved in the variety show, means to give up or strengthen the original style, image, to highlight their own personality, will give full play to acting. We must admit that the current general audience in the spiritual life of high proportion, it is to watch TV, TV show, movie theaters and network etc, overnight after the star to become more brightest one in the multitude of stars, a lot of exposure is the right choice. As long as they are willing to Chinese the famous writer can do (screenwriter director Han Han [micro-blog] be nothing difficult), and Guo Jingming [micro-blog] ruguojiangzhiji etc.. As long as they love, the famous actor Chinese also can do a director, Jiang Wen, Chen Jianbin, Deng Chao [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Xu Zheng, [micro-blog] gorgeous is very smooth, this is the occupation path easily and without pressure. Not to mention actors and singers to play games, with baby Meng Meng, singing…… No matter how, director can use flower words and editing techniques to meet the needs of the masses to eat melon. A lot of the audience was very tolerant, as long as the stars play a little bit, you can reap the emotional resonance of the thirty-two praise, ranked first. If someone criticized the stars don’t take heart, singing tune, acting flamboyant, routine, fans will run out back, "so very hard, × × to you do not see?" So, China thousands of small channels, always need to N many different grades of artists to fill, television, coffee, coffee coffee variety notice itself is not enough, the film stars, coffee Why not?, ready to help others? Moreover, the remuneration of China’s cross-border variety show, really high. Most artists and also open up a new situation. Turn on the TV or video website, Guo Degang [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Yue Yunpeng, Song Xiaobao, Jia Ling [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Fei Yuqing, Wong Cho Lam, Liu Tao [micro-blog] [micro-blog] in a variety show in the shuttle freely, take all, it seems that their job has been affected. A line of stars to play a leading role in the imitation, but also to make the two or three line stars are firm confidence, that is, cross-border entertainment variety相关的主题文章: