Cope with high inflation Venezuela resorted to the last move govos

To deal with the high inflation in Venezuela resorted to a last resort "printed bills" U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to fight inflation, Venezuela finally resorted to a last resort, printed more large bills. Earlier, in order to deny that Venezuela is in a crisis of inflation, Venezuelan President Maduro has refused to do so. According to the Wall Street Journal reported that the Venezuelan government is planning to issue more money, the highest value will reach 20000 and the current monetary Bolivar, highest value is only 100 bolivar. On the black market, the current 100 Venezuelan silver coins can only be exchanged for 8 cents. Reported that the maximum value of 20000 euros issued in the future will be convertible to about $15. The news caused many Venezuelans to carry large amounts of cash to exchange foreign currency ATM. According to the Venezuelan Banking Association, a full ATM will be emptied within 3.5 hours. Banks in many provinces have limited the amount of money they have taken out of the day to less than $30000 in Venezuela, which is only enough for a couple to have a lunch in a mid-range Venezuelan restaurant. This is Venezuela’s latest action against inflation. Earlier this month, Venezuela acquiesced in the sale of food in some remote provinces to free market prices, reducing the high inflation caused by shortages. IMF expects Venezuela’s inflation in 2017 will rise to 1642%. Venezuela, the former left wing revolutionary paradise, has been faced with worries. Venezuela’s GDP 25% from oil exports, the impact of crude oil prices, Venezuela’s economic crisis in recent years. Prior to the Wall Street knowledge mentioned, due to the lack of electricity, Venezuela decided to reduce the number of days per week to work every day on Thursday, Venezuela decided to shorten the working week of the national civil service days to 2 days. Editor: Zhang Yujie SF107相关的主题文章: