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Effect of geometric credit card fee adjustment: merchants may pay less 7 billion 400 million per year since September 6th implementation of the new pricing mechanism of credit card fee adjustment, affect the geometry (Economics focus) reporter Xie Weiqun "people’s Daily" (09 2016 07 August 10 Edition) the consumer credit card, this is the modern people often experience life. But many people do not know is that every time after the credit card consumption, businesses have to pay a certain percentage of fees, to the issuing bank, closing and clearing institutions to serve as a return of the latter services. In September 6th, the national development and Reform Commission, the people’s Bank of China jointly issued the "on improving the notice" credit card fee pricing mechanism of bank cards to start execution, which means that the bank card fees once again to make a comprehensive adjustment. This fee adjustment will bring what effect? The rate cut, the merchant can at least pay less total annual fee of 7 billion 400 million yuan bank card transaction rate first by the people’s Bank of Chinese in 1993, referring to the European and American international card organizations fees, rates are relatively high, 2%. In 2002, Chinese UnionPay was established, Chinese have card organization of their own, in 2003 and 2013 has two times the classification and classification of pricing price, two times to create a record of major global bank card market rates. In September 6th initiated a new round of bank card rates price changes, the issuing bank service charges and bank card clearing agency network service charges implementation of government guidance, to more fully competitive acquiring link services, to implement market adjusted price. From the price point of view, China’s merchant fee rate is far below the level of the main market in the world has been at a low level. Currently, the United States average rate of 2% – 3%, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan area rate is only slightly lower than the United states. As a result of the overall reduction in the level of a substantial rate, will directly reduce the operating costs of businesses. Preliminary estimates, after the implementation of the various types of businesses can reduce the total annual credit card fee of about 7 billion 400 million yuan. Due to the difference between the current implementation of different merchant credit card fee rates, after the adjustment, there are some differences in the extent of the benefits of different industry businesses. Catering industry business credit card, debit card transactions issuing bank service charges, service fee rate can be reduced by 53% and 63% respectively in total, department stores and other industries businesses can be reduced by 23% – 39%. While supermarkets and other businesses through preferential measures will keep rates of overall stability in the reform transition period; non-profit medical care, education, pension, social welfare, charity will implement the issuing bank service fees, service fees in full remission. From the above ratio, profit institutions credit card fees in the restaurant industry’s most obvious decline. In the past, food and beverage credit card fee is 1.25%, in 2013 down once, down to 0.9%, after the new regulations fell again. In the 90s of last century, to eat outside is very luxurious, and now, it has become a mass consumption, fees so high is not conducive to the development of the food and beverage industry. China University of Political Science and Law professor Wang Weiguo analysis, catering, supermarkets, a large number of consumer groups, improve the cost of these businesses相关的主题文章: