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The competitiveness of cross-strait forum held in Beijing – Taiwan channel, Xinhua news agency in Beijing in November 21,     20 to 21 here at the sixth Strait Forum on competitiveness, close cross-strait exchanges, cross-strait cooperation to enhance competitiveness, expand cross-strait dialogue think tank. This is the first time the forum was held in Beijing, the theme is to join hands to enhance the competitiveness of Chinese culture, a total of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream". It is understood that the research center, research on Evaluation of science and technology in China culture including the wisdom of the forum, the organizers will China, regional economic society, social science literature press, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Taiwan Institute of Peking University and Fujian Normal University, Taiwan organizers of Taiwan Competitiveness Forum Association, wangwangzhong media group. Li Minrong, director of the center for evaluation of science and technology research center, said that the Chinese cultural identity is the most basic and most profound recognition of the two sides must consolidate and enhance. Enhance the cultural competitiveness and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese culture, is the common responsibility of the people on both sides of the strait. Taiwan Competitiveness Forum institute director Pang Jianguo said, in the Chinese culture as a base Chinese mode of development, the pursuit of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream should be beyond the conflict of civilization predicament, opened up the road of harmonious development of human society. The Chinese nation should move forward on the basis of the existing, to the great rejuvenation of Chinese culture. "Wang Taiwan daily" President Huang Qinglong said, the revival of Chinese culture is in the process of ascension Chinese cultural influence and appeal, take the initiative to enter the multicultural context and world civilization, the basic value of innovative interpretation of Chinese culture. We should take the China mode and China Road on the history of the world civilization as the theoretical starting point, to rediscover the original power China culture as the foundation, and create a new world of Han culture and civilization pattern. China Research Institute of Taiwan Academy of Social Sciences researcher Wang Jianmin said, to enhance the soft power of Chinese culture, expand the international influence of Chinese culture, enhance the competitiveness of Chinese culture, need to continue to work hard, need to have firm confidence, need to have cultural self-confidence and self-confident way. In order to promote cross-strait dialogue and cooperation for the purpose of cross-strait dialogue forum was founded in 2010, has been successfully held in the mainland and Taiwan 5. (commissioning editor: Yuan Bo)相关的主题文章: