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Mathematical thinking training – children’s Sohu maternal you do not know Mom have such experience, one family sits on the table, but the parents have some bad taste, always put forward some math problems to their children: there are ten birds on the tree, down a few? 1+2+3+4 has been added to 19, equal to how much? There are only a few chicken with rabbit cage, a few feet head, anyway, not the child playing Halo won’t stop. Do not know if this is the common people do not learn science, anyway, come on baby mommy was so jittery, say an answer? Nervously looking at the expression of their parents, if not, immediately for another? Ha ha, in the end is that they believe is right in the eyes of parents suspected, but also into a spectrum, the successful entertainment of parents. Although this is not kind to the child, but the baby must say that this type of parent-child interaction entertainment can become vivid mathematics. Children with mathematical inference ability game exercise remember is about 3 years old when the baby, the father sitting in the car one day suddenly began to count from 1 to 10, it is easy to get warm applause, baby parents little guy off, mother was asked: the 10 is how much? Beibei honest answer, I don’t know mom! Mom: 10 after it, so good at giving systematic guidance is 11, then 12, Beibei and think about what is behind? Babe hesitated to guess: 13? Bingo! Mother to praise! My baby is always competitive players, get more encouragement, creativity is stronger, so Beibei successfully from 11 to 19, then hesitated, successfully counted 1010. My mother was almost choking genius sister nonsense, but then I thought, although sister reasoning error results can be reasonable, after all they know every nine into one, and only English confused, although there is no Chinese that twenty, but English in twenty is one thousand and ten, the 3 year old oral argument. Baby do not understand, nature is handy. So the baby is full of praise: Babe’s reasoning is very good, however, you count too fast, jumped to 10101010 from 10 and one thousand and ten. Think about it, if we start counting from 10, what are the second most likely? Beibei silent for a long time, my mother thought she gave up, ready to call the elder brother to answer, the little guy out, mom, is 20? Right! Good guess oh babe! Mom calls this a reasonable guess. Then think about it, 19 behind, is more reasonable in the 20, or more reasonable in 1010? Needless to say, baby choose 20, so he did carry Hom beckham. The number into the daily life do not know that we have not tried, the children’s mathematical enlightenment, there is a difficulty in understanding abstract numbers. For example, when we see the equation: 1+1=2, with rich life experience of adults it will be automatically converted to 1 bananas with a banana is two bananas, or what other materials, but for kids.相关的主题文章: