Dad came back, Meng baby who are now

Dad came back, Meng baby who are now how? [Abstract] in fact, "Dad came back," the small details of the family, but also very touching ah. I know miss the commencement, is that most of the female students understand entertainment! Little attention to the understanding of WeChat entdong chat gossip ah! Early in the morning to see Wu Chun a word on the hot search list, together with her daughter NeiNei, see their two photos, it seems that all of a sudden back at the time to chase the "father came back," the old time! The parent-child relationship shows, we discuss more or "daddy go" (watch), but to understand it "small Daddy" sweet time together, but also to give up the good heart! Especially the "Daddy back" in the first quarter of a few small angel, Olivia, brother William, sweet hope NeiNei, each special ring can fly ah! First to say that Wu Zunshuai and NeiNei, who can think of Wu Chun is a capital daughter slave. The most impressive thing was Wu Chun a dress, behind the written "Ten Rules" after my daughter, the most impressive one is the phrase, "do the preparation of the jail", Nei Nei’s future boyfriend, are you afraid of? Wu Chun said in front of the camera, will not let Nei Nei into the entertainment industry. But soon also considered, in case Nei Nei want to be an artist? Wu Chun frowned and very helpless Chongni made a step "that I’m going to be her agent." Now Nei Nei, is still a little beauty, ah, there is such a handsome father Wu Chun than the pet, really do not touch the dust when the little princess. And the son of Wang Zhonglei William and his brother, clever and sensible, visual will grow up is the best two rich generation! Stay with a group of adults, even have no sense of violation. Fluent English is even more shocking, help in the vegetable market was also enthusiastic about the translation, translation also talk to foreigners after more than and 40 minutes, the age of knowledge not too wide! For his overbearing president father, brother William is eyeful with worship. But now William’s brother, has become a black carbon! And Orly was also Meng turned a crowd, I do not know how many people take pictures of Orly when the head. When the protests did not eat hungry, not happy pouty expression. Dinner lick the joy, also do not want the adorable. Olivia and Li Xiaopeng love, is not envy. Wu Chun is a little spoiled over to Nei Nei, and Li Xiaopeng’s way of education, but can refer to! Olivia now when her sister, Princess Olivia certainly can be a very qualified sister! The finale is our Xin Ye – sweet hope! The most controversial is the beginning sweet hope one of the biggest black, thin, looks not pleasing. And then, sweet hope by virtue of their superb language talent, completed a counter attack of the largest! No matter when fed, Jia Nailiang asked her, "act?" Sweet hope your back, "I’m not over · ·" is the most famous phrase, "we are white." Xin Ye contributed to us too many expressions! Sweet sweet now also]相关的主题文章: