Dad peeling the Tokyo Film Festival won the praise of next year is expected to be officially release-97179

"Dad" peeling the Tokyo Film Festival won the praise of next year is expected to be officially released – "Dad" entertainment Sohu desquamate debut at the Tokyo Film Festival held in the entertainment news on Sohu before the twenty-ninth Tokyo International Film Festival, starring Wu Zhenyu and Louis Koo fantasy comedy "warmth peeling dad" held the world premiere, including many screenings, the scene reflected after the audience generally said All seats are occupied., film, laughter and tears, tell a father and son of the thinking, sympathetic, and Wu Zhenyu in the film the vivid interpretation of the six stages of life, the father, is considered one of the most valuable part of the film, his performance in the film has thus been praised in the media and the audience. Viewing the scene laugh tears flying   film is like "warmth" cure "peeling father" about 79 years old father Tian Yixiong dementia (Wu Zhenyu) suddenly began to molt and continue to be young, back in the different period of his 60 year old, 52 years old, 37 years old, 28 years old, 19 years old in seven days time is in the life, the plight of the son of Tian Li (Louis Koo ornaments) and therefore re participation, to understand his father’s life, to find the direction of life…… Wu Zhenyu, Louis Koo interpretation of the father and son throughout the entire film, Wu Zhenyu "rejuvenescent" back to different times of the narrative form to add a lot of new ideas for the theme, many viewers said that the film "laughter and tears, warm cure". Screening scene, although a lot of audience from different countries, with different cultural backgrounds, but sometimes appear in the film can still smile across cultural differences, triggering laughter. It is worth mentioning that the piece at the same time new breakthrough — since Wu Zhenyu, Louis Koo many times of two people "father CP" in the film, the collision of the sympathetic spark of warmth, to get recognized by the audience. Wu Zhenyu’s interpretation of "six fathers"   won the audience praised in acting; high audience feedback, one of the biggest surprise film is Wu Zhenyu one interpretation of a father’s life in six different stages, in a span of 60 years, showing a father old, middle-aged and young age the different state. In the film, Wu Zhenyu from seventy years of age to "return" to the small meat period, changing shape and distinctive characteristics of the times. In addition, the auxiliary makeup modeling technology, Wu Zhenyu on the character of six different stages of status and characteristics of the precise moderation again underlines the high acting actor class actors, even the attentive audience said: "listen to Wu (Wu Zhenyu) in the film’s soundtrack, each voice (stage) not the same." In an interview with the media, creative who revealed that Wu Zhenyu played this role, came to the Louis Koo family and the ancient father eat and chat, so as to get a lot of first-hand information. Strong team behind the film "Mermaid"   "remember" in addition to catch demon team to join the cast, "good father" behind the creation of the peeling strength of the same team, has become an important guarantee of the quality of the film director Stuart Huizhuo he worked as screenwriter, and involved in the creation of "Ghost Story III: the road road" Invincible Eastern, "", "revival" and other films singing at midnight,.相关的主题文章: