David Cook Wins It All-reshacker

Arts-and-Entertainment It looks like even the worst song on American Idol history wont stop this talented guy from winning the whole thing. Just like what people have been saying since February, David Cook won the most popular talent show in the world. The ex-bartender from Kansas City may very well be proclaimed the most celebrated winner yet, and the crowd cheering from his hometown, audience and from the millions of viewers across the globe all screamed in delight once Ryan Seacrest mouthed the word Cook during the announcement. The 2-hour American Idol finale was the best yet, with surprise guests that really surprised and amused the viewers. Heavy hitters from the music industry came to sing with the idols, and the most memorable ones would have to be Syeshas duet with Seal and David Cooks number with rock gods ZZ Top. Other performances included George Michael, Donna Summer, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks and Many More. .edy reliefs were provided by Jimmy Kimmel, Mike Myers (who was there to promote his new film Love Guru), Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. The top 12 performed many times, with Carly Smithson and Michael Johns almost always leading the pack. The two also had a special performance and we have to say it is one of the best duets weve heard in a long time. American Idol should think about making their song a record, itll be a sure hit. Of course the two finalists did their fair share of exposure and provided the fans with songs to hype up the anticipation even more. The two Davids even got a Ford Hybrid each,great news for Archuleta who just got his license before .peting in AI. Both the finalists had great hometown cheering to egg them on towards their victory, but in the end, the crowd from Kansas City, Missouri went home with smiles on their faces as their hometown hero now has the title of this years American Idol. David Cook cried (again) and his family came up to the stage. As for David Archuleta, it is certain that well still be seeing more from this young balladeer. After the American Idol tour, its pretty exciting to see how the two will start their careers. David Cooks story is so inspiring its almost like its ready to be laid out into a tearjerker film. The next season of American Idol will start again on January 2009, and the same audition process will continue. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: