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Deceptive home appliance marketing can go far? – home appliances – People’s original title: deceptive appliance marketing can go far? For a long time, in the China appliance industry, some deception It is often seen. marketing means: on the one hand, the market competition environment is not mature, many appliance manufacturers lack of business line and business integrity, is to maximize the benefits for the target, generally fall into short-lived business channels; on the other hand, it is not the user consumption concept mature, too much attention to the level of prices, ignoring the product performance and service level. Of course, this is the only way to promote the entire home appliance market from the beginning of the mature market. One although in recent years, the entire appliance industry development Chinese quickly entered mature period, especially under the big push, big capital, the home appliance manufacturing industry, enhance the home appliance retail industry to enter the threshold greatly. However, driven by the maximization of business interests, there are still a large number of commercial speculators in the seemingly mature and perfect home appliance market. Through the so-called "low price" as a gimmick to implement deceptive marketing. Combing the past 30 years Chinese appliance manufacturers frequently dished out "spoofing" marketing, mainly concentrated in three aspects: one is to focus on consumer groups, mainly is the information asymmetry in rural areas; two is based on the means of marketing, is the main record low price war; three is the market network, mainly in remote areas of the county the town market. But for a long time, many rural market consumer groups, are generally faced with asymmetric information, the information is not public problems. This also gives a lot of zombie brand commercial speculation, provides the profit space. A large number of old brand appliances, the main market operators in bankruptcy, but will continue to empower other brand businesses and individuals through OEM production, shoddy manufacturing household appliances in the rural market under the banner of "big brand" under the banner of deceptive marketing. Especially in remote poor areas many market towns, until this year also appeared a very strange phenomenon, the zombie appliance brand a lot, even more than some of the leading home appliance brand market awareness high, product sales. The key reason is that if the home appliance dealers, on the use of local rural consumers to be familiar with home appliance brand information, resulting in "shoddy" exclusive market situation. At the same time, the entire appliance manufacturers in the marketing tool, the price war can be said that the development of the local home appliance manufacturers, the rise of growth, change, has been accompanied by around. In this round of games than the low round of price war, generally there are a lot of "price gouging". Before the "rose after the first drop," Jerry ", is now" the concept of flicker, policy trap". Whether some manufacturers buy appliances second half price ", or" buy appliances TM ", essence is through the concept and means of layers of packaging and stacking, low price gimmicks deceive consumers. At present, in some areas of the market, the reason why there are still many businesses, the use of "zombie home appliances" brand full of big brands, brand-name to deceive相关的主题文章: