Diamond group fed rate hike is expected to rekindle the long struggle bree daniels

Diamond group: Fed rate hike is expected to rekindle the long struggling clients view the latest market OPEC agreed to limit production agreement, good global investment atmosphere, but stocks afternoon is the main cause of a sudden turn for the worse, Deutsche Bank (DeutscheBank) into a financial hardship of renewed worries, U.S. stocks fell. When oil prices to good economic data but can push Qualcomm [micro-blog] expansion, plus the United States announced last night will also benefit as soon as possible Bureau, the dollar index rebounded, gold prices low volatility. COMEX12 month gold futures closed up $2.30, or 0.2%, at $1326 ounce. Fundamental analysis 1] [Bloomberg, 10 Deutsche Bank settlement through derivatives trading hedge fund withdrawal of part of the funds and the end of some positions, reflecting their worry about Deutsche Bank into a financial hardship. 2 oil group for the first time in 8 years to reach production agreement, agreed to limit production from 32 million 500 thousand to 33 million barrels per day, compared with the August average of about 750 thousand barrels to reduce, while the details will only be released to be determined after the formal meeting in November. 3 Reserve Chairman Yellen (JanetYellen) on Wednesday reiterated that most officials expect to raise interest rates once a year. Atlanta Fed President Lockhart said today that the Fed’s maximum employment and inflation close to the target, stable at close to 2% of the target, is expected to soon raise interest rates. Philadelphia Fed chairman Patrick Harker also said the Fed should start raising interest rates. But the latest interest rate futures interest rate hike in December only 55.4%, significantly lower than last week’s more than 60%. 4 the second quarter annualized GDP? Value (GDP) final quarterly rise 1.4% wins, analysis of the expected 1.3%, also better than before the amendment number 1.1%, reflect the influence of weak business investment spending on economic growth slightly. During the period, personal consumption rose 4.3%, slightly worse than expected 4.4% analysis. Personal consumption to drive economic growth, make up for weak business investment and overseas demand, the store’s attention to the inflation target core personal consumption expenditure (core PCE) rose by 1.8% quarter, expected. 5 of the world’s largest gold ETF–SPDRGoldTrust, 929 gold holdings amounted to 949.14 tons, compared with the same day. 6 Friday event data: 16:30 in the second quarter of the current account, the second quarter GDP final value; 17:00 euro zone unemployment rate in August, euro zone September CPI annual pace; 20:30 Canada July GDP monthly rate, U.S. personal spending in August monthly rate, core PCE price index annual rate of 21:45 and the United States in September Chicago; PMI; 22:00 U.S. September University of Michigan consumer sentiment index; 01:00 the next day to September 30th when the total number of U.S. oil drilling week. Technical analysis] on Thursday the price of gold continued low volatility, the lowest came to $1315. On line yesterday, still unable to back above 10, with the average of 20 days to KD on the present air under the framework of weak trend, or be able to go back to test the 100 day moving average. So.相关的主题文章: