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The digital economy Chinese economic transformation and upgrading of the new engine original title: digital economy Chinese economic transformation and upgrading of the new engine in the new normal Chinese economy, need new impetus to promote the integration of Internet and real economy development, has become a national strategy. General secretary Xi Jinping put forward: to cultivate new energy information technology, with new momentum to promote new development, bigger and stronger digital economy". In recent years, intelligent manufacturing technology, big data as a new engine of China quality and efficiency of economic transformation and upgrading, accelerating rotation. The 34 year old Mr. Pan is an individual truck driver, two days ago, he just put a number of small household electrical appliances from Guangzhou to Guiyang, now hurry to send 30 tons of ore to Guangzhou, only one day of time, to get the return order. Truck driver: Master pan (previously) unloaded after looking for goods is estimated to be for three to four days, it was lucky, if bad luck, wait five or six days will not necessarily be able to find the goods, if empty more than 1 thousand kilometers, at least four thousand dollars for this kind of loss. Really very distressed. "The driver to find a car owner to find goods difficult, difficult", this is the big freight industry, there are statistics, more than 85% of China’s large trucks for the self-employed, long term average load rate reached 40%. Two years ago, Mr. Pan in the mobile phone registered "truck to help", looking for the goods smoothly done or easily solved the problem. This small application software, the daily release of information on the supply of nearly 5 million, a day to reduce the vehicle driving nearly 10 million kilometers, in 2015, a total of 50 billion yuan to save fuel, reduce carbon emissions by 27 million tons. Small software needs big data in order to have a big, truck to rely on is the big data resources in Guizhou province. Since 2014, Guizhou in the field of big data to guide enterprise data integration into the broader industry data, cross-border data and public data, data mining and cluster formation, play big data resources more valuable. Guizhou Province, the Secretary for development of large data Ma Ningyu: in various industries, especially in traditional industries, with these data, it will produce a new production organization, a new business model. The government needs to do is to find these new models, focus on it, inclusive innovation, to help it build an experimental field. Southwest Guizhou province witnessed the vigorous development of big data, at the same time, the old industrial base of the northeast old Shenyang machine tools, but also embarked on the intelligent manufacturing fast track. Shenyang machine tool group in the headquarters of the model workshop, more than and 30 i5 intelligent machine tools connected by the Internet and the server. This workshop intelligent management system, the manufacturing industry is making a qualitative leap in production planning management. Shenyang machine tool group intelligent manufacturing experience center director Ju Zhixin: our original production orders is to transfer the person to person, the production plan (member) to send a long section, section chief again assigned to the team leader. After the use of this system, it has become a production task planner will be distributed directly to the production task, saving all the management process. In a one hundred person scale processing enterprises, "intelligent management system" module can replace the original set of 2相关的主题文章: