Do not venture into a simple understanding of profit-douke

Do not understand the business as a pioneer in the field of domestic mobile medical benefits, the founder of the spring rain doctor Zhang Ruiyin sudden myocardial infarction died on the morning of 6. The 43 year old former media person in the company, listed on the eve of a sudden departure, as the National Day holiday in the business a great pity in the circle, many regrets about the "difficult" has become a topic. Entrepreneurship is more bitter and more tired, most people may not have practical experience, but in the social life rhythm is accelerating today, compared with a lot of hard work and great pressure for the industry, the hardships may not say how much special. The difference is that entrepreneurial groups to a certain extent, enjoy the aura, so that their personal life trajectory is also of particular concern. The fate of a well-known entrepreneur, often become a window to observe the survival status of the industry as a whole, on this topic is also a reflection of social psychology. It is worth noting that people are betting on the entrepreneurial enthusiasm, largely and sometimes even build up the family fortunes together, will fall into the appetite for wealth restlessness and fantasy. For emerging entrepreneurs in recent years of illness and premature death of the case, the public opinion have puzzled the sound of sigh, they questioned whether it is worth so desperately to make money. This question may not malicious, but only to the interests of the business scale, simply a profit, to work hard as at the cost of the pursuit of profit, it is biased to entrepreneurs, also has to misunderstand the nature of entrepreneurship. Do poineering work can make money? If it does succeed, indeed, even the gains are impressive, but money is obviously not the only and the ultimate goal, or else it is better to speculate on luck. No matter how individual entrepreneurs hold expectations, once choose entrepreneurship, is to choose the pioneering work of an uncertain future. There are a lot of entrepreneurs like Zhang Rui, they had made in their respective industries in the impressive performance, the material has good enough, but always have a higher ideal, to explore the possibility of future life is full of passion, are keen to seek to improve the new human survival and to the way, and even willing to give up in front of the rich and stability, walk a difficult path of commitment. In this sense, entrepreneurship itself is meaningful, and its spiritual value is particularly valuable. Zhang Rui’s departure to the business circle with travelers and sad, but he is still in the field of mobile health career waiting for the successor to promote, not his ideal use of the Internet to improve people’s medical condition with the end of his departure, perhaps this is the biggest wealth for society Zhang rui. This also means that, for ordinary people most likely to benefit from a business, the most concern is in fact, entrepreneurs are doing things themselves, and thus create a future life prospects. As for those hit off story, was worth passing is not a way of earning money from, but always encourage people to embrace ideals, down to get down to work.相关的主题文章: