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Do you know how to take a bath? Sohu – maternal pregnant women after pregnancy, due to hormonal changes become easy to sweat, if not often shampoo, the bath will feel sticky and uncomfortable, but the right will not bring the baby shower. Today Xiaobian to introduce you to the pregnant women when taking precautions. A sensitive and private bath, pregnant women, 1 less vulva lotion, avoid bath, don’t wash the vagina, otherwise it will affect the normal vaginal acid-base environment caused by infection. Stool should also clean the anus, you can prevent hemorrhoids. The bath can be put on the loose shirt or skirt, and then dried pudenda wear underpants, which can prevent genital itching. 2, the breast with warm water to wash the breast, action should be gentle, one hand up to light breast, another finger abdomen clockwise rubbing, avoid uterine contraction. Mothers may be in the bath after wiping some olive oil to make breast skin moist and toughness, so that the baby can withstand the baby after childbirth. Pregnant mother take a bath when you note 3, before taking a bath with a cotton swab dipped in lotion to clean the dirt, and so it softened and then washed. If you can not clean, do not have too reluctantly, so as not to force too much damage to the skin around the navel, resulting in bleeding, but the fetus infected. 4, axillary axillary sweat glands can not be used to stimulate the hot water, it is not appropriate to use a bath towel. You can lift your arm with warm water wash, because the armpit skin tissue is more relaxed, you can wash the bath liquid rich foam after cleaning, and then press the abdomen by rubbing, promote blood circulation. 5, the shower should wash the inguinal groin with warm water, and with two finger touch rub down from the groin. Obesity is to poke the fold carefully scrub. 6, the neck behind the ears, ears, dirt is easy to pile up the location of the people who love to clean hard rubbing, but it should be noted that the neck is easy to grow small filiform warts, once broken, will cause infection. Application of finger pulp gently rub back and forth. Extended reading: pregnant women with mosquito bites cause and Countermeasure of extended reading: pregnant Mommy soothing diet and exercise two, pregnant mother bath note 1, the water temperature to 27 DEG to 37 DEG C is appropriate, the water temperature is best hot, and the temperature is similar or slightly higher than body temperature, a general temperature should be below 38 DEG C. Because if the water temperature or room temperature is too high, it is likely to cause fetal growth due to hypoxia. 2, time in 15 ~ 20 minutes is good, pregnant women should not take too long bath. Dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, chest tightness and other symptoms are prone to shower, high temperature under oxygen supply is insufficient, it will affect fetal hypoxia, fetal heart rate, serious still can make the fetal nervous system development adversely affected. 3, the number of the best 1 times a day, and if you do not have a bath every day, every day with warm water to wipe clean. Because the mother is more physical burden, the gradual increase in metabolism, sweat glands and sebaceous gland secretion is also stronger than ordinary people, if sweating, or that the metabolism of cells off more, sebum相关的主题文章: