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11 single double benefits: 1000 yuan shopping card please free to buy buy buy WHO WHO recently claimed that there is no long-term sexual life or can not find the object, can be considered a disability. The elder sister read Oh but still keep smiling good just to the World Health Organization said quietly: your family without sexual life!!!!!! This world is too cruel to single Wang seeing double eleven is coming when our holiday was too abruptly into another dog abuse in this section in order to Putian with child festival comfort our single dog’s sister decided to take possession of the Jingdong card shopping has long been held in Guangdong most prizes life first "for Guangdong the most beautiful single Wang" contest activities [significance] to choose the most beautiful single Wang, beautiful to the vast number of single cousins! Ha ha ha [first] Activity Award: 500 yuan shopping card Jingdong second: Jingdong 300 yuan shopping card third: Jingdong 200 yuan shopping card (after sending exchange code immediately! Let you buy buy buy) fourth to ten: Limited Edition (online QQ self bar have been unable to buy! High color value and self bar worthy Oh ~) [] time registration: November 5, 2016 –11 month 8 days of voting: released November 7, 2016 –11 11 results: November 11, 2016 (singles) [1] entry requirements, not limited to men and women, but must be single; 2, must use the photographs, otherwise disqualified that is, the elder sister has submitted the default photo right to use the 3, final placings will be in the form of voting to decide, vote of no need to pay attention to Oh ~ [1] registration, WeChat "Guangdong’s life" public number, reply [2,] single dog fill out the information in the public dialog (personal life photos, entry declaration and submit etc.).