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Double sided Trump: how much do you know about him? Once every 4 years the U.S. presidential election since last month to enter the battle stage, the two candidates each have offensive: Hilary? Clinton’s 2 version of "email door" to continue to ferment, the Clinton foundation for "money politics" was also questioned the Republican Trump team; after three times to adjust the responsible person, the selected station gradually on the right track. Although Trump is currently behind in national polls, but the two sides to decide the election election swing states is still deadlocked. In any case, one should seriously consider the succession of Trump, who created the miracle of the election. Clearly, relying on outspoken and reckless behavior won the most conservative Republican voters support Trump is not Nothing is right. What he called "policy America first", reflects the current American society in the national strength relative decline background, expect the government to shrink the external action, everything should be to safeguard the interests of the United States as a priority mentality. As a result, they are asking politicians to pay more attention to the economic base of the primacy of the United States, rather than to be the "world police"". In this sense, the strategic principle of foreign policy and the principle of "Obama Trump don’t do stupid things with the effect of different approaches but equally satisfactory results. Trump’s policy of "America first" is reflected in many aspects. Taking his most controversial construction of the "wall" at the border between the United States and Mexico as an example, it is clear that he has given priority to the domestic policy issue. Illegal immigrants seem to have a profound social, political and economic background. From a political point of view, Hispanics are increasingly becoming the largest proportion of the population of the United States ethnic minorities, and they are almost natural supporters of the Democratic party. With Hispanic surgery, aimed at the Obama government’s immigration reform is actually a fundamental solution to Qiaoshanzhenhu and. From an economic point of view, after the financial crisis, although the recovery of the U.S. economy, but the white but still living in the middle of the hot water. Hispanic illegal immigration into the southern states of America, not only for the poor whites and these jobs, in fact have great influence on the local social life, cultural values of traditional Christian civilization impact. Trump built a wall plan actually in many countries there is a precedent, such as the early years of the Berlin wall, and in recent years due to the North African refugees swarmed in part in southern European countries built a barbed wire fence tall, the goal is to prevent the influx of foreign population. Therefore, although the Mending Wall by the mainstream American media are despised, but by the bottom of people’s welcome, Trump is expected to at least they compete for jobs. The principle of "America first" will be reflected in how to deal with the relations between the Asian and European allies. In fact, since the war in Iraq, the United States on the growing dissatisfaction with NATO allies. The Obama administration has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the slow growth of European military spending. Obviously, Americans think it is in its safety protection, intentnesses Europe to develop economy and to realize the regional integration, the establishment of the European union. However, when there was a war crisis in Eurasia, Europe相关的主题文章: