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Software The Hotmail phishing news was a talked about subject some time back. This global brand faced the problem where 10,000 or more hotmail passwords were violated by the third party intruders. A reason why individuals and enterprises need to update their employees about the necessary guidelines that needs to be followed to be protected from phishing attacks. The media reporting about this mass phishing attack and other instances of enterprise spear phishing reflected to the huge number of accounts that were .promised. Most attacks led to the loss of vital information that was private, official, and financial. Paul Wood, who is the senior analyst for Symantec, asserted A user’s unique e-mail address is often used to authenticate a number of Web sites, including social-networking sites and instant messaging on a public instant messaging network about phishing attacks through e-mail. Wood also gave the following advice If your e-mail address has been .promised, not only should you change the password there, you should also change it on any other site that uses that e-mail address as a login ID. The recent reports on phishing fall rates , reflects the increased number of security breaches. Peoples controls are a major area of focus as the phishing attacks are aimed at the unsuspecting users. At the same time process control and technology are required to be executed. However, they would not be of any use if the peoples controls are weak. The recent services generally address the process and technology aspect of phishing security. There are few solutions that effectively address the peoples risk. The trend has been toward an incident-based reactive approach towards phishing protection. However, when it is about updating the employees about phishing attacks, .panies still have a lot to learn. Eminent service providers today offers protection against phishing and aims in taking proactive measures to educate the user and enable them to spot phishing attacks, so that they can avert the same in future. They help to leverage the teaching moment established based on the users response and then generates an action plan that has to be executed to avoid further problems. Using these steps .panies are able to develop a sound anti-phishing strategy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: