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Eleven short rent apartments unpopular 1 days rose one hundred yuan Shenyang is short-term landlord with the National Day travel season approaching, a popular tourist destination for the price of the hotel and the emergence of good housing prices high or reserve a difficult situation, at this time, short rent by many tourists blitz. Reporter survey found that a lot of hot spots in the short rental apartment is very popular, one day will be able to rise 100 yuan. One day rose one hundred yuan rent end moment Ms. Zhang in the "eleven" period for children to go to Beijing to play, but the hotel was discovered, hot spots next to the Fasthotel has been booked, the hotel prices have to star in 600 yuan or 1000 yuan. In a friend’s reminder, she began to pay attention to online short rental apartment. To her surprise, the short rental apartment booking is very hot. No room in October 1st, and in October 3rd and no room in October 4th." After screening, Ms. Zhang felt a distance from Tiananmen, the Imperial Palace, Tiantan, Wangfujing next to the apartment is very suitable. However, when looking at the specific time, found during "eleven" in the prime time basically is already full. She is hesitant to book, the page was updated again, the price of a short rental apartment instantly rose. The original September 27th price is 398 yuan a day, and now it becomes a day of $498, a full rise of 100 yuan. The price of eleven during the period, it is up to 558 yuan. Even if prices than hotels "no rent hot, even if price increases than hotels." Ms. Zhang to reporters calculations: short rent apartment is only 3 km away from Tiananmen suites, two beds, at least to live 4-5. This has basically been booked in the vicinity of the Fasthotel, a little better private hotel environment is 348 yuan a day, but each room can only live up to two people. If it is a family of five people, at least two rooms, the cost of $696 days. If you live in star hotel suites have to be more expensive, so even if the short rent apartment prices, but also cheaper than the hotel, you can also cook their own. Ms. Tian to "eleven" during the visit to Hangzhou has just booked a room next to the West Lake short rent apartment, she told reporters, every tourist season, West Lake on the edge of the hotel is very difficult to book some hotels, the original 299 yuan to 399 yuan during the day, eleven days or 499 days. This time she booked a short rental apartment, although more expensive than usual 60 yuan a day, is now $328 days, cheaper than the hotel, the most important is free. Shenyang is also when short-term landlord "personal direct hire street near one bedroom house." In other cities, while short rental hot, the reporter found that some people in Shenyang when the landlord, this message is a short rental landlord Shenyang released information. The landlord told reporters that he and his girlfriend during "eleven" to go out, the house idle is idle, that some people see online short rental information, they are holding the play mentality to publish information on the Internet, bid 130 yuan day. If someone rent, as the two person’s Travel Fund, if no one rent does not lose anything. Mr. Liu is a short rental veteran, he told reporters that he bought a house in the vicinity of hot springs, before.相关的主题文章: