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Software Netscape, Mulberry, Eudora, Thunderbird, Mail for Mac, Opera Mail, Outlook, Pegasus There is a plethora of email software on the market and on the web and sometimes selecting the right one for your business can be as mystifying and dizzying as the decoding the names of these software. Email is an important tool for businesses. Software for email aids in the transmission of messages through .munication networks, making the process of .munication easier for businesses. Apart from this, email is also a relatively more efficient and a more environmentally friendly mode of .munication as it uses no paper, but still provides a record that can be used for future reference if needed. Regarding time efficiency, email reduces the time that would otherwise be wasted in casual workplace conversation and enables the delivery of messages even when the recipient is not available. It also reduces time wastage as it can be employed to simultaneously send a message to a huge list of recipients. Email can also be used for promotion in what is known as email marketing. Businesses can set up an email campaign using email newsletters and direct email. With the right marketing campaign, your business can cut promotion costs, increase sales, increase consumer awareness, and overall increase profits. Regarding software for email in your workplace, there are several factors you should consider. These include: cost, operating system, and scope of your business. If your business is searching for methods to cut costs, consider switching to a free software. .mercial software is software that is manufactured for purposes of making profits. It is sold by authorized dealers and any unauthorized use could lead to legal penalties. Microsoft Outlook is one of the software that fall into this category. Conversely, Eudora and Pegasus are freeware or shareware. Freeware or shareware is no-cost software that can be acquired on the internet. The maxim regarding free things states that they are never good-quality, but do not reject freeware simply because its free. Freeware is authentic software that is performs similar functions to .mercial software but is free because the creators chose to make it free. Consider the operating system installed in the .puters in the workplace when choosing the right software. Different software are .patible to different operating systems. Ensure that your selected email program is .patible to the operating system installed in your workplace .puters. Cross platform software will function on different operating systems, for instance, Mulberry can be used on Windows, Linux, UNIX and Macintosh systems whereas Microsoft Outlook, Eureka Mail, and Pegasus will only operate on a windows operating system. If your business is international, choose a program that can display non western European characters. Thunderbird, for instance can display foreign characters while other programs partially succeed or .pletely fail in displaying foreign characters. If one of your clients were to send you a message drafted in say Chinese, Japanese, or Greek, it might appear as gibberish in your email program if you dont have the correct software. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: