Embarrassed, the child said to me their own things to do! Sohu –drop dead diva

Embarrassed, the child said to me: their own things to do! Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual Author: beans Mom: Amé lie Flé illustration chais I was cooking in the kitchen stove, burning pot stir fried with vegetables. Suddenly found forget to peel the garlic. And I don’t smoke. Lego is playing in the living room of the son. "Son, come here." "Mom, what’s wrong?" "Help mom peel a garlic." "Do your own thing!" Answer in a clean manner, having turned away. I am speechless. No more than half of the dishes had been turned off. While peeling the garlic, I think, where is the problem? Remember in kindergarten, the first milk yellow bag. Then he handed me a school, with painted watercolor pen bag egg size dumpling, mysteriously said: "Mom, to." "What is this?" "Open to see." Expectation and excitement of a face. In his rush to help, we opened the dumplings. Look at the printed half Steamed Buns colorful pens, squeezed out of shape, I am puzzled. "Mom, this is what I left for you. The teacher said that the milk yellow bag. Very delicious, very sweet." A warm feeling throughout the whole body, defeated the colorful color pen. Look, I finished the steamed bun, oh no, milk yellow bag. The son smiled with satisfaction. Dream of the stomach and intestines will not be painted, I can not wait to pull out the steamed stuffed bun. The young man was also happy to be in the middle of the day when I squatted down to pick up the dishes or wash clothes." Then, put a small stool under my butt. Or, when I was ill, feed me, feed and say, "well, eat more."." You are the queen of my family, my father and I are for you." "Mom, I’ll take twenty of my pocket money, and I’ll go and get you some clothes." …… But one day, he didn’t want to do it. But, I asked him to give me a stool, he said, "do it yourself"; I asked him to give me a glass of water, he said, "do it yourself"; I ask him to turn off the lights in the kitchen, he said: "do their own thing". Do your own thing. It is a goal for us to cultivate children’s independence, or a strategy for better separation. However, I am not too deliberate, overkill? Think of one thing. Although old, but still fresh. Prior to work in a hospital, a ten year old boy fluids. At that time, the children infusion, are fixed in the operating table, rather than cart to the seat. So, after the needle, there will be a hand with a needle, a hand carrying the infusion bottle. For adults, such an operation is not difficult. But for a child to draw相关的主题文章: