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Evening news: the new Android mobile phone Trojan can steal account and erase the new Android Trojan can steal bank account and erase the mobile phone the researchers found that there is a new type of Trojan virus on the Android platform, can erase the victim’s mobile phone, and steal online banking account. The Android malware, called Mazar BOT, uses a built-in trap to spread multimedia information. Once installed on the user’s mobile phone, you can get administrator privileges, almost anything you can do to the victim’s mobile phone. This malware can read the user’s SMS, so you can bypass the two step verification measures. The malware also sends text messages to toll numbers, attacks middlemen, and even erases the victim’s cell phone. The Trojan uses TOR communication system. Apple acknowledged that "the 1970 brick" loophole solution here! These two days, a message circulated on the Internet so many apple mobile phone users to "boil", it is said that there are a lot of people "curiosity killed the cat, not to try, the results lead to their love in"". The message said that the time of the iPhone phone is set to January 1, 1970, and then shut down and then boot, the phone is likely to become a "brick", can not start until the battery power exhausted. It is said that the current 64 bit processor device running iOS8 or update the system almost spared, a 32 bit processor device is not affected. Now, apple official finally responded to the matter, confirming that if the system time manually set to May 1970 or earlier, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch will be unable to restart. So because of curiosity, and have to try a fruit powder how to do? A method, you can take a bricked iPhone to find Apple customer service. Apple officials say any user affected by the problem should contact Apple technology support for help. Two, if you do not want to go to the apple store service users can refer to the "folk" solution: cut off the power supply of iOS equipment, placed 10 minutes and then reconnect the power, time will reset the device after the brick problem is solved. However, want to cut off the power supply of iOS equipment means that the need to disassemble and remove the battery…… Method three, in the case of sufficient electricity, waiting for several hours, when the value of Unix timestamp is greater than or equal to 0, the system time is effective, and can be switched on normally. Samsung fell out of the market before Chinese 5 but the worst is yet to come China Samsung in the years of market sales in the first throne from 2014 began to fall, 2015 years or have been unable to enter the sales volume, the upcoming Galaxy S7 may save much, apple iPhone 7 this year is expected to have a relatively large upgrade in appearance then, Samsung is the most difficult moment. Toy manufacturers launched Tesla children’s car: charging can be "driving", Tesla joint children’s toy manufacturer Radio Flyer.

新闻晚报:新型安卓木马可盗取账户并抹除手机   新型Android木马可盗取银行账户并抹除手机   研究人员发现,Android平台上出现了一种新型木马病毒,可以抹除受害人的手机,并窃取网上银行帐号。   这种名为Mazar BOT的Android恶意软件使用内设陷阱的多媒体信息传播。一旦安装在用户手机上,便可获得管理员权限,几乎可以对受害人的手机做任何事情。   这款恶意软件可以读取用户的短信,因此能够绕过两步验证措施。   这种恶意软件还能向收费号码发送短信,发起中间人攻击,甚至抹除受害人的手机。该木马使用TOR通讯系统。   苹果承认“1970变砖”漏洞 解决方法都在这里!   这两天,网上流传的一则消息让不少苹果手机的使用者“炸开了锅”,据说也有不少人“好奇害死猫”,非要尝试一下,结果引来自己的爱机“以身殉职”。   该消息称,把iPhone手机的时间设定为1970年1月1日,然后关机再开机,手机就很有可能变成一块“砖头”,无法启动,直到电池电量耗尽。据说,目前运行iOS8或更新系统的64位处理器设备几乎无一幸免,32位处理器设备则没有受到影响。   现在,苹果官方终于对此事做出了回应,确认如果将系统时间手动设置为1970年5月或者更早,iPhone、iPad、iPod touch将会无法重启。   那么因为好奇,而已经去尝试了一把的果粉们该怎么办?   方法一,你可以拿着变砖的iPhone去找苹果售后。苹果官方称,受到该问题影响的任何用户都应该联系苹果技术支持以寻求帮助。   方法二,如果不想去苹果店维修的用户,可以参考“民间”解决方案:切断iOS设备电源,放置10分钟后再重新连接电源,设备之后会重置时间,变砖的问题就解决了。不过,想要切断iOS设备电源意味着,需要拆机并拆出电池……   方法三,电量充足的情况下,等待数小时,当Unix时间戳的数值大于等于0,系统时间生效,可正常开机。   三星跌出中国市场前五 但最艰难时刻仍未到来   三星在中国市场占据数年的销量第一宝座从2014年开始失守,2015年甚至已经无法进入销量前五,即将推出的Galaxy S7恐怕也挽回不了多少,苹果iPhone 7今年预计会在外观上有比较大的升级,届时才是三星最艰难的时刻。   玩具厂商推出特斯拉儿童车:能充电能“驾驶”   ,特斯拉联合儿童玩具厂商Radio Flyer推出了一款“迷你版”Model S电动车。这款儿童玩具车不仅仅样子很像,而且也可以充电,甚至能“上路”驾驶。   这部玩具车售价499美元,现在就可以在Radio Flyer网站预定,今年5月份开始发货。“儿童版”特斯拉Model S完全模仿真车——可以给电池充电。标准版内有一个140Wh容量的锂电池,如果用户再多花50美元,还可以再配备一个190Wh的电池,据称这比标准版要多出50%的续航时间。   不过它的行驶速度还是比“爸爸”要低很多很多,最高速度仅有6英里 时(约合10公里 时)。父母还可以为安全起见,把速度限制在3英里 时(约合5公里 时)。相关的主题文章: