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Eye-Care We all know it can be discouraging wearing two different kinds of corrective eyewear. Having to keep track of two or more pairs of spectacles can be a time-consuming annoyance. Sometimes it can lead to embarrassing situations, for example getting to a restaurant without the glasses you require to browse the menu. Such issues can be avoided by utilizing progressive lenses. Progressive eyewear allow two separate prescriptions to be incorporated into the one pair of glasses, letting wearers to utilize the same seteyewear for both far vision and near vision. The top area of the progressive lens holds the distance vision prescription, while the bottom area contains the near vision prescription. In the middle is a transitional or intermediate area. Learn About The Benefits of Progressive Eyewear: In a lot of ways, progressive glasses are akin to bifocals and trifocals. They give you equal convenience, in so far as the person wearing them only needs to have one pair of glasses to correct both his far vision and his near vision. However, progressive eyewear also offer extra benefits. Traditional bifocals have a distinct line dividing both areas. This line can be seenis viewable by anybody speaking up close with the wearer of the bifocals. Some of us are self-conscious about this line, feeling that it marks them out as an older person. Progressive eyeglasses do not have this visible line between the separate prescriptions. This gives progressive eyeglasses a cosmetic advantage over conventional bifocals. The intermediate zone on a progressive lens supplies a more natural transition for the eye, from the far vision prescription to the near vision prescription. Conventional bifocals and trifocals cause a much more abrupt change. The abruptness of the change can result in image jump, which can lead to nausea in some bifocal users. Many wearers swear by progressive eyeglasses because of this. An additional benefit of the middle zone on progressive glasses is that it lets you focus on objects in the middle distance, which can be challenging when wearing bifocals. When something is neither at a distance or particularly close, bifocal wearers may be required to experiment with which part of the lenses will work best for them at that distance. This can cause a particularly odd head nod. If the wearer tells the eye doctor that she uses the computer for long periods of time, progressive eyewear can bemade that allow a wider area that are made for prolonged computer use. This is yet another plus when you compare them to bifocal lenses. With the near vision section of bifocals being limited, some computer users found that they needed to sit with their head tilted at an uncomfortable angle just so they could wear bifocals when using the computer. Cons of Progressive Eyewear: The major disadvantage of progressive glasses relates to the field of vision, which is not as wide as traditional glasses or bifocals. Near the edges of the lenses there are areas that provide less focus. in turn, the user is required to turn his head, rather than simply move his eyes, to have clear vision to his right or left. This head movement can take tons of getting used to, as it’s not a normal movement for most of us. Some users struggle with this head movement and cannot wear progressive eyewear because of it. The areas of soft focus on progressive glasses can be reduced by getting frames that fit well around the eye area. Progressive eyeglasses should be made by a qualified optometrist, who can ensure that the proper eye measurements are taken and incorporated at the time the lenses are produced. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: