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Expert: China grasp the main technical progress and development of steam ejector: domestic carrier ship island has been on deck appearance early original title: Expert: China developed smoothly recently China carrier news became the focus of foreign concern grasp the main technology of steam ejector. In a lot of media attention China installed the first domestic aircraft carrier ship Island, after the main project is nearing completion, the American Journal of science and technology "Popular Mechanics" reported that 27, Chinese is imitating the system off the U.S. aircraft carrier catapult, especially electromagnetic launch, this takeoff system revolution will have a huge impact on the Western Pacific region. The article said that over the past 60 years, the U.S. Navy aircraft from the aircraft carrier by steam catapult. Because the catapult can help large aircraft catapult arresting landing (CATOBAR), soon became a U.S. Navy and allies of the United States aircraft carrier standard. Reported that, although the CATOBAR is very powerful, but the cost is not cheap. Britain, Russia, Spain and India have adopted a similar but relatively cheap: short takeoff and landing arresting landing system (STOBAR). China’s aircraft carrier Liaoning ship is the use of ski jump take-off. There are rumors that China is developing its own CATOBAR system. These rumors confirmed there are many news sources, including photos of annihilates -15 aircraft in mid September. This aircraft has a front wheel traction rod like a catapult to take off system. The United States naval academy news network also released a similar picture, the picture comes from a Chinese website. The United States Navy Research Institute released these photos with 2014 Jane’s defense group released a drawbar annihilates -15 aircraft photos. In the photo annihilates -15 aircraft using domestic or Russian engines. The United States Naval Institute news network that the aircraft will use ground-based CATOBAR test facilities. Satellite images show that the CATOBAR system in late 2014 or early 2015 has been built in a base in Liaoning. At the same time, analysts said that two of the 460 foot long catapult launchers were also built on the same base. One of them is a steam catapult, another U.S. Navy similar electromagnetic catapult. "Popular Mechanics" magazine said, if so, Chinese is building America’s land-based aircraft carrier deck test facility. Volkswagen machinery believes that China’s use of the above changes in the catapult system, expand the operational capabilities of its carrier aircraft, and strengthen the Chinese navy in the west too power. A traction rod annihilates -15 aircraft and CATOBAR system, China proved that the goal of more and more clear. Chinese military experts Li Jie 28, said China has mastered the basic technology of steam ejection. Academician Ma Weiming Chinese from the navy has revealed that some technical China electromagnetic launcher is less than that of the United states. It can be seen that Chinese is continuing to promote research on the development and use of aircraft carrier catapult, progress is relatively smooth. But in addition to catapult technology research itself, want to install it on the ship, but also involves the dynamic problems, system integration, these need to be further proof. Li Jie believes that the future of second ships or third aircraft carrier in the end what kind of catapult is not good.相关的主题文章: