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Extreme weather is pregnant, the baby will be carefully injured – Sohu maternal external environment to affect our life in every possible way, human development and consumption of natural, far beyond the nature’s metabolism. Frequent human activities have exacerbated the El Ni o effect, which makes the climate change significantly. In some areas, the average temperature in summer is more than the previous average, and the winter is also very cold. To have such climate adults complain incessantly in the winter and summer two season coincides with, if pregnant, pregnant mother to protect your baby. Pay attention to women’s health, you can also join the women’s health group, speak freely, exchange ideas, let you become a senior treasure mother healthy woman. Q group: 424940962. The impact of climate on the baby’s development, a lot of people do not understand why not not to regard it as right, pregnant in the winter and summer. Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital gynecologist, to understand the problem, we must first understand the growth of the fetus in various developmental stages. In the early mother’s pregnancy, fetal brain began to develop, is the key stage of the formation of the baby’s cerebral cortex. Hot weather will be greatly reduced appetite, maternal protein intake can not meet the needs of fetal development, and vice versa in the summer to accelerate the body metabolism of pregnant mothers, which will slow down the development of fetal brain. Cold winter, pregnant mother is susceptible to cold air invasion and the occurrence of influenza and respiratory diseases, increased air pollution in winter, but also affect health. To remind is that many families in the winter will use some heating equipment, if not properly heating will threaten the health of the mother and child. For example, the pregnant mother is not suitable for the use of electric blanket, electric blanket because long-term and maternal exposure to threaten the healthy baby close. State health obstetrics doctor suggested prepared pregnant couples may choose to become pregnant in early spring and late summer, when subjected to extreme climate climate, maternal interference in early pregnancy will not wait till the winter and during the summer, when the fetus has matured, resistance is also greatly enhanced. Thank you for your attention, more information, you can also pay attention to: m.83152222, the Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital official website regularly to push your preparation related to pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum health care knowledge, we will. If you have any questions, please call the hotline: 0431-83152222, we will be based on your situation to make targeted guidance.相关的主题文章: