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Fitness-Equipment Who said that vaporizers cannot have remote control? The Extreme Vaporizer by Arizer is, thus far, the most innovative in vaporization technology. It is the only vaporizer, at the moment, which has a remote control to use with the device. Isnt that neat? You dont have to go back and forth near the vaporizer to adjust the temperature. You can control it from afar and still have the accurate temperature level required. The Extreme Vaporizer .es .plete with vaporizer parts that are made of high-quality glass. This prevents having unwanted toxins getting released from materials such as plastics, aluminum, metal or wood. With glass parts, you can fully enjoy the taste of the herbs at its purest vapor form without unwanted additions. Its heating system is made of ceramic which is more efficient and doesnt give out bad taste like metal heaters do. The balloon system is another unique feature of the Extreme Vaporizer. The balloon attachment is an optional feature but will definitely provide extreme convenience when used with the vaporizer. You will not have to stay within a few feet from the device to inhale and taste the vapor, the balloon attachment is detachable which allows you to move around and still enjoy the herbs. Being totally digital, the Extreme Vaporizer is equipped with an auto shut-off feature with a 2- to 4-hour delay sleep timer. This allows you to leave the vaporizer switched on through the night so when you wake up, you can immediately enjoy the aroma of the vapor. You will never have to worry again if you f.ot to turn off the vape after a nice long session. And of course, the remote control is a very remarkable feature of the Extreme Vaporizer. It gives you ultimate convenience in using your vape as it can control the power switch, lights, fan speed, temperature, and timer. It is indeed the most advanced vaporizer, thus far, in terms of technology implementations. Another best feature of the Extreme is its cyclone bowl, which stands upright unlike most other vaporizers. Having this design allows even distribution of air throughout the system which efficiently excretes the full flavor and potency of the herbs. You will enjoy your favorite herbs like youve never experienced before. With the Extreme Vaporizer, you can also do a lot more things such as use it as a steamer, a diffuser of essential oils, potpourri warmer, and as an aromatherapy device. The device is also equipped with modern LCD display with blue backlight that shows you not only the temperature, but the fan speed and timer as well. There are also LED lights to indicate the status of the unit. Visit VapeWorld and get the best offer for the unique Extreme Vaporizer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: