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Female and male father forced divorce after 7 years of marriage divorce forced female man bankruptcy original title: father and daughter forced divorced man after 7 years of marriage a man forced divorce bankruptcy in life there is no right or wrong choice every one is hidden in a secret place to vent, there will be a corner, you take those fragile sorrow, lonely joy. Talk to people: dream of the South (a pseudonym) 36 years old female Guangxi people online records: Guangxi News Network – nanguojinbao reporter She Yubing "seven years ago, in my father’s coercion, I had no choice and a divorced man to marry without love, only because he is rich……" Dream of the south said, "seven years later, when I was done with her husband, feeling better and better, because of her husband’s business, his father forced me to divorce him……" Her father was a southern dream about death, but this time, she will never compromise. She must assume the responsibility to accompany her husband to his wife, to overcome the difficulties. A winter ruthless father in 2015. I huddled on the sofa waiting for my husband in Anyang (a pseudonym). Anyang drunk back, first holding me cry for a moment, then he drowned, Jin said: "we get a divorce. I was too selfish, I can’t make you happy forever, but still face to marry you. I’m sorry you……" I call him stupid, husband and wife for so many years, deep love, I am willing to accompany him through thick and thin, he should say in the game? Anyang downtown for a moment, fell back on the bed and slept. I was packing his dirty clothes, and the door of the house was suddenly pushed open. I saw my dad and my brother with two strange men rushed home, a pair of ablaze with anger. "You’re going to divorce the man right now! We all have nothing to do with him! Now, you pack your bags and go with us, if you stay here, don’t blame me!" My dad looks cold and contemptuous. My brother as his "hatchet man", immediately with the two men together, the family valuables were looted again. I am not surprised they will do this kind of thing, in front of the interests, they can have no scruples about family. No, in their hearts, there is no affection. I was numb to watch them made a mess, then leave a series of warning: "I tell you, if he could not collect 200 thousand to us, then he’ll be sorry! And you, if you do not divorce, never go into my house, do not have to see your mother!" My dad’s mouth that 200 thousand, a year ago, when Anyang stocks to make money, he had to let Anyang to help him fry. At that time, Anyang had told him that the stock market risk, the investment need to be cautious. But he did not listen, but also blame Anyang stingy, there is no chance of getting rich with him. He and my brother two people, a total of up to about one hundred thousand, to Anyang: "I do not expect to rely on this, Bo back to the 1 million, you help me to double it," said!" The stock is not gambling, how can it expect overnight. Moreover, Anyang stocks, but their play, regardless of the loss of profit, the stock market that year is very cattle, he earned a little more. Can I camp相关的主题文章: