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Female fans to see the true capacity Song Joong Ki cheated ten thousand yuan Trinidad police suspect a new network – [Xinmin net?] exclusive Korean hit men held in Shanghai, the Asian tour will meet the news that fans Miss Wang very excited as leggy Obama fans of Miss Wang, but I do not know, black traps have been profiteers wait quietly in the road. The day before, the Xinmin Evening News, Xinmin reporter from the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau network security corps learned, Shanghai police after careful deployment across thousands of miles, captured a psychological advantage of fans of fraud suspect yang. Caption: the micro-blog. Shanghai police figure in June this year, Miss Wang found in the official platform tickets sold out, released for song Nakamoto fans meeting in Shanghai on micro-blog news, hoping to find a new source of votes to see the idol face. On the afternoon of June 24th, a forward to Miss Wang excited, pro, you can participate in my buy Shanghai tickets." Find tickets let the joy of Miss Wang guard, she immediately contact each other in the addition of WeChat, WeChat, a man again and again to ensure that the sale of tickets, exclusive access, Miss Wang booked 11 tickets for himself and his friends, and paid a total of more than 19000 yuan fare by WeChat, the two sides agreed payment after the tickets by express delivery. However, the meeting will see the date approaching, Miss Wang has yet to wait until the courier home. When Miss Wang would like to question each other, but found that he had been pulled black, I feel cheated Wang, which immediately alarm. Shanghai police after receiving the report, immediately carry out the investigation of the case. When the suspect has been completely lost due to the report, the police investigators first to carry out an investigation of the external information, and ultimately locked suspects in Jilin, Baicheng. In the clear clues, the police rushed out thousands of miles away in Jilin Baicheng, eventually with the help of local police, successfully captured the publication of false information to defraud the tickets to the suspect yang. After appearing in court, Yang confessed himself in micro-blog, WeChat and other social networking platforms that can group purchase Song Joong Ki Asia fan meeting tour ShangHai Railway Station ticket, waiting for the netizen "bait" to commit fraud. In addition to Miss Wang, he also used the same way to defraud more than 10 people. Currently, Yang has been under criminal detention by the Shanghai public security organs according to law. The police prompted the general public, to buy tickets in advance should pay attention to the official information, to purchase tickets through formal channels to the official, do not believe in online transfer of internal ticket, tickets and other information, do not easily transfer money to strangers, so as not to suffer unnecessary economic losses. Xinmin Evening News Xinmin reporter Dai Tianjiao相关的主题文章: