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Fashion-Style If you are wondering how to pick a formal dress according to the style suited for your body, then here are the tips that will help you. Other than searching for a dress style that you have found to be stunning in some other person, always consider you own body shape and overall appearance while choosing the right dress. The dress that seemed to be perfect in some other person need not be that wonderful for you. So, always give preference for your specific body shape and looks when choosing a formal dress style suited for the occasion. You can appear elegant and perfect only in a dress that is perfectly suited for you. Avoid choosing a dress that will make you appear dumpy and highlight the flaws of your body. Dress in the way such that only your positive features and highlighted and the negative features are concealed. Remember that a wrong choice can completely spoil your day. When compared to choosing a dress for a party or a special event, making a dress choice for a formal occasion is not that simple. You will have to appear in the right style suited for the occasion without overshadowing yourself in fun colors and added embellishments. The formal dress you choose should perfectly fit the style of the occasion. There are so many things to consider when choosing a formal dress. If you are a bottom-heavy person, then you will need to conceal the lower part of your body by wearing an A-line dress that will make your hips look thinner. Wearing short or knee length dresses on a formal occasion is not recommended. It will be ideal to wear the dress that will help in making your body appear slender and lean. And empire waist gown would be perfect for you on that day. You are lucky if you are blessed with an hour-glass shaped body as most of the styles would suit you. If you have a not-that-perfect tummy, then wear a flattering dress that can conceal the flaw of your body than wearing a tight dress. A best style for formal occasion is the halter-style dress that comes in the form of a gown with a halter-style neckline that is designed to suit your bust line. A mermaid gown is perfect for those with thin waist. Choose from the strapless and strapped style. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: