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Fire Hero Luo Chunwei: friends and family can not achieve the agreed – Beijing Beijing in November 14 Beihai Xinhua: Fire Hero Luo Chunwei: friends and family can not achieve agreement in new network reporter Chen Yan in November, from the fire rescue boats to sacrifice Luo Chunwei days are more than and 20 days, when reporters once again into the Guangxi Beihai overseas Chinese at the interview, the local people can still feel that it is difficult to curb on Luo Chun Wei thoughts. In October 20th, the overseas Chinese town border terminal, fishing boats back to harbor fire. In order to avoid the fire disaster in more than and 500 fishing boats and 5000 fishermen, as Beihai Qiaogang town power construction border police station director Luo Chunwei regardless of personal danger jumped into the sea, trying to fire boats fixed, but from heaven farewell. The same month, the Ministry of public security posthumously Comrade Luo Chunwei as a martyr. His deeds are also on the network, circle of friends widely spread, people have to see them off on the internet. "You come back. For a wife and daughter, we don’t need a hero for our parents. We need you. Tonight, the light in my room will be there for you……" After Luo Chunwei’s death, his wife, Chen Li, had left the words in the circle of friends. In November 10th, Chen Li again are wasting her husband Luo Chunwei lifetime of work place. She could not believe that her dearest husband had left her and her daughter forever. "He is not a good son, a good son-in-law, a good husband, a good father, but he is a good soldier, he devoted all his time to work, we are proud of him." 15 years Chen Li and Luo Chunwei fell in love, married 12 years, less than a year in real time and play together. "In his heart, the most important thing is to work." Chen Li said, married so long, two people have only been a tour. Originally agreed to leave this year with a 9 year old daughter to travel to Guangxi, Chongzuo, until he died, but also failed to achieve. Daughter in school to achieve excellent results, he also promised to give her daughter a reward, because busy, did not honor." For Chen Li, although Luo Chunwei is not "trustworthy", but also occasionally romantic moved her. A few days ago, Chen Li Luo Chunwei had left the room through the items, found a record two people and a song full of love poems diary. "I am a soldier, doomed to this’ romantic ‘fate. But you put this’ Romance ‘as the whole of life, melt the ice in my heart." Chen Li saw Luo Chunwei’s diary, tearful. Chen Li said ruefully, as her husband of a wife, usually have what thing, always put the phone to his wife, but he did not do. Chen Li said, Luo Chunwei is very love this job, so always support him will not bother him, but I never thought the day became farewell. "It was his day off. If I knew it would happen, I shouldn’t have sent him to work." A fire, fixed hero figure. Luo Chunwei, 38 years old, from the beginning of 1997. At that moment, he had never left the Chinese border line, from the land to prevent the defense, from the root border to change is stationed in the island, the rank is the same responsibility. )相关的主题文章: