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Flames dragged Austria "Human Torch" broke the world record – Beijing, Beijing, September 27, according to foreign media reports, recently, Austria "Human Torch" Totlin (Josef Todtling) in flames state, were more horses and four-wheel drive car towed, again to break the Guinness world record. It is reported that todtling in 2013, had 5 points and 41 seconds, breaking in the oxygen free case body on fire in the Guinness world record. Totlin the next city, a break of two Guinness world records. Todtling wear layers of clothes, wearing a metal shield, foot wear pads and coated with a good cooling? Gel, specially trained horses at a speed of about 35 km run dragged 500 meters, successfully breaking the body on fire the distance was dragged by horses. Totlin later tied to a 4×4 vehicle dragged 582 meters, breaking the distance by the car body on fire towing. It is reported that todtling after a long time of careful preparation, including calm to control all the movements of the body. Totlin said: "Guinness can become the world record holder feeling really great, because the world has so many people, I can do the best."相关的主题文章: